What is The Best Skateboard For Beginners Kids

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As a beginner skateboarder, it can be tough to know which board is right for you. With all of the different shapes, sizes, and brands out thereof skateboards, how do you know what is the best skateboard for beginners kids?

In this blog post, I’ll outline everything you need to consider when choosing the best skateboard for your child.

I’ll also recommend a few of our favorite boards for beginners.

Best skateboard for 6 year old

When it comes to finding the best skateboard for a 6-year-old, there are several factors to consider.

First and foremost, safety should be the top priority, so it’s important to choose a board that is the right size for the child and has appropriate safety features such as sturdy trucks, grip tape, and durable wheels.

Additionally, a skateboard with a lower deck and wider trucks can provide more stability for young riders.

Some popular options for young children include mini cruisers, pintail boards, and double-kick skateboards.

It’s also a good idea to invest in protective gear such as a helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards to further ensure the child’s safety while they learn to ride.

Ultimately, the best skateboard for a 6-year-old will depend on their skill level, personal preferences, and the environment in which they’ll be riding.

Learn How To Kids Skateboard


What is the Best Skateboard for Younger kids? Top 3 Reviews

Now that you know what to look for in a beginner skateboard, let’s take a look at some of the best boards on the market.

1. METROLLER Skateboards for Beginners kids

  • Sturdy & Solid: 31" x 8" skateboard
  • Smooth Ride: Anti-shock wheels & bearings
  • Better Control: High-friction grip & concave design
  • No assembly is required.

The Metroller Skateboard is the perfect choice for beginner kids. It is made of high-quality materials and construction, which makes it durable and easy to control. The board also features a special grip tape that is designed to help beginners learn how to skate.

The nice thing about the Metroboard is that it is a very versatile skateboard. You can set it up for use as a traditional skateboard, or you can use it with the included foot pads to turn it into a balance board. The board is also great for kids because it is very sturdy and well-built.

The wheels are also very smooth, making them easy to ride. Overall, the Metroboard is a great option for both kids and adults who are looking for a versatile and durable skateboard. Reviewers also say that the customer service from the company is excellent.


  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Versatile design
  • Anti-shock wheels
  • Excellent customer service


  • Maybe the grip tape is not very sticky

2. Beleev Skateboards for Beginners:

  • Ready to ride: Fully assembled, no setup required.
  • Sturdy & reliable: 7-Ply Canadian Maple Wood.
  • Easy control: Symmetric concave design.
  • Smooth & speedy: High-rebound PU wheels.
  • Beautiful & durable: Creative heat transfer printing.

The Beleev Skateboard is the best skateboard for 10 year old, and it’s perfect for teenagers. Just by looking at the well-made components, you can tell that this skateboard will give a great ride.

The deck is made of stiff maple wood, and the trucks are durable and stable. The wheels are also high-quality, and they roll smoothly on any surface. Overall, the Beleev Skateboard is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a top-quality skateboard.

Beleev is a skateboard specially designed for beginners. It comes fully assembled and ready to ride out of the box. You can get started in minutes without any tools or experience needed!

This skateboard is 31 inches long and 8 inches wide, making it ideal for children with plenty of room on top of the deck to fit your feet. I love how portable this board is! It’s only 4 pounds, so you can easily take it with you when not riding.

The Beleev Skateboards for Beginners is perfect for riders up to 220 pounds. This product is strong and durable, with a thickness of 10 mm. It has 7 layers made up of Canadian Maple wood that makes for an incredibly tough board!

The heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks make this skateboard durable and safe for beginner or expert riders.



  • Makes noises in use

3. White Fang Skateboards for Beginners

  • Solid & Durable: 7-ply Canadian maple, 31.75" x 7.88"
  • Smooth & Speedy: High-rebound PU wheels (52mm, 95A)
  • Master New Tricks: Double kick concave for learning quickly
  • Graphic Design: Minimalist black & white
  • No Assembly Required: Ready to play

Are you looking for a gift for a 12-year-old? If they’re into skateboarding, then a WhiteFang skateboard is a perfect choice. White Fang skateboards are specifically designed for beginners.

They’re made of high-quality materials, and they’re very durable. The best part is that they’re extremely affordable. So if you’re looking for the best skateboard for a 12-year-old, then a WhiteFang is the way to go.

White Fang skateboard is a new beginner-friendly electric skateboard, which has 7 layers of Canadian maple deck and 5-inch magnesium alloy trucks. It is really tough and durable. You can ride it on any terrain like the street, beach, or grassland, or even play in the water park!

The maximum load weight is up to 330 pounds, equipped with 5-inch magnesium alloy trucks. The wheels are made of high rebound PU material for smooth rolling and good grip on all terrains. The battery pack with Samsung cells offers super long-range mileage (10 miles) and high speed (22 mph).


  • Very tough and durable
  • Can ride on any terrain
  • Affordable price
  • Super smooth wheels
  • Super long-range mileage


  • No flaws


The wise say that everything great starts small. As a result, your children will skillfully ride skateboards faster if they start early. A 3-year-old skateboard is important for parents to know in order for their children to maximize their potential.

M Merkapa 22″ Inch Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard with Colorful LED Light

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Merkapa 22″ Inch Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard with Colorful LED Light up is the best skateboard for toddlers. The polypropylene, aluminum, and plastic construction are durable and lightweight, and the colorful design is eye-catching and fun. The good suspension design makes it easier to gain balance and stay on the board, while the polyurethane wheels provide smooth skating.

It has been designed to be used by kids and it’s perfect for outdoor skating in the park or street. The board is made of high-quality materials, so it’s sturdy enough to provide your kid with smooth skating. This skateboard also comes with an aluminum truck and wheels that are easy to grip and roll smoothly on flat surfaces. The battery-powered LED lights add a fun element of excitement when riding at night!


  • Sturdy and the wheels are very bright at the nighttime
  • Good quality
  • Nice for beginners


  • Small size is an issue

Best skateboard wheel for beginners

Razor RipStik DLX Caster Board – 2-Wheel Pivoting Skateboard

  • Grind with torsion.
  • Fast downhill carving.
  • Smooth, high-performance ride.
  • Traction pads, kick tail.
  • Ages 8+, 220 lbs.

Your child will never ride anything like this again! Your kid can enjoy the carving thrill of surfing and snowboarding on dry land with the Razor RipStik DLX Caster Board – 2 Wheel Pivoting Skateboard with a 360-degree, Aluminum Torsion Bar for Grinds! As your kid moves forward, he is never required to push himself off the ground because there is a unique twisting motion.

An inclined caster and a pivoting deck enable this unique carving motion. Several traction plates and a concave deck enhance foot control. Provides an incredibly smooth ride due to its 76mm urethane wheels and high-performance bearings. It is as simple as twisting and going! A rider up to 220 pounds can ride it and it is recommended skateboard for 8 to 12-year-old beginners.


  • So much lighter
  • Super smooth
  • Decent speed


  • No flaws

Beginner Skateboard For Kids

Arcade Complete Skateboard & Trainer Bundle Origin

  • Beginner skateboard, pro-level.
  • Suitable for all.
  • Complete standard skateboard.
  • Vibrant graphics, free stickers.
  • Pro service, risk-free.

With the Arcade Skateboard, I have searched for a skateboard that feels like anything! Featuring precision trucks, bearings, axles, and wheels, this pre-assembled board is flexible enough for learning tricks and flips, while still allowing your child to practice turning and carving without getting stuck!

The Arcade skate trainer is more stable than rubber wheel covers and gives them a wider, more secure base to land on than rubber wheel covers. Within a short period of time, they will be performing Ollies, kickflips, and Shvets.

Specifically, who is it intended for? All beginners can benefit from Arcade Pro Skateboards! That is a suitable skateboard for beginner children, teenagers, and adults who understand that any time is a good time to learn.

The Arcade Pro Skateboard is capable of carrying 220 pounds, has a width of 7.75 inches and a length of 31.25 inches, and takes shoes up to size 12.

A COMPLETE SKATEBOARD: A Flexi 7-ply maple wood deck is constructed with perfect concave and double kick tails to allow your child to skate right out of the box!

With smooth ABEC-7 bearings and 54mm injected PU wheels / 95a for a good grip as well as some extra speed when the situation calls for it, this 5lb board is sure to satisfy.

There is no limit to how rough the beginner can get with T6 aluminum trucks and carbon steel axles. Your kid’s board has already been fitted with custom grip tape. The diameter of the wheel is 54.0 millimeters.


  • Pro-level skateboard
  • Pre-assembled
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee,
  • Wheel made from strong polyurethane


  • No flaws

Cal 7 22″ Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard For Beginners Kid

Cal 7 22
  • Ready-to-Ride: Fully assembled
  • Compact Size: 22.5x6"
  • Swirl Wheels: 60mm, 78A
  • Quality Design: Durable polypropene
  • Durable Hardware: ABEC-7, 3.25"

Looking for a skateboard that will let your kid stand out from the crowd? Check out the range of boards with cool color combinations and exclusive designs.

Decks are made of durable plastic and come in a range of colors, while wheels are available in custom swirl designs. You don’t have to worry about anything whether your child cruises around town or hits the skatepark.

The Cal 7 22″ Mini Cruiser is a retro-inspired, lightweight mini cruiser that’s perfect for all ages. The 22.5″ deck has a kicktail and deep concave to keep your kids steady while your child cruise with friends or zoom around town.

With its light construction and easy-to-carry design, this mini cruiser is the perfect addition to your child’s skate getup. Whether your child cruises down the street or in a mega rush, these are the best mini boards for all skating levels. Also recommended as the best skateboard for 10-year-old beginners.


  • It is so smooth
  • Easy to turn, very sturdy
  • Good skateboard for small people


  • Flimsy quality

PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man

  • Complete 28" skateboard
  • Double kicktail design
  • Smooth ride
  • Durable construction
  • Great for all ages

The PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man Complete Kids Skateboard! This red skateboard is perfect for young skaters looking to develop their skills.

With a 28-inch length and 7.5-inch width, it provides ample space for comfortable riding and maneuverability. The double kicktail design offers greater control, easy braking, and a wide range of tricks.

The PVC-injected 50mm x 27mm wheels and 608ZB bearings ensure a smooth ride with excellent traction. The 9-ply laminated wood deck is thick and durable, ideal for mastering new skateboarding skills.

Composite trucks and carbon steel axles provide strength and support for higher weight and faster speeds. Suitable for kids and teens ages 5 years and up, it has a maximum weight capacity of 110 pounds.

This skateboard not only offers an exciting ride but also features the beloved Spider-Man design, appealing to fans of the superhero.

Let your child embrace their favorite character while learning and having fun on this high-quality skateboard. Get ready for thrilling adventures on the PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man Complete Kids Skateboard!


  • It’s good quality
  • Looks great with Spiderman
  • Durable for beginners


  • The board is very rough like sandpaper

Retrospec Alameda Skateboard Complete

Retrospec Alameda
  • Sturdy 31x7.5" deck
  • Durable aluminum trucks
  • Premium ABEC-7 bearings
  • Smooth polyurethane wheels
  • Unique designs available
  • Ready to ride

ELEVATE YOUR KID SKATING – Retrospec skateboard is perfect for any kid looking to up their game. The black checker design is sleek and stylish, while the 52mm wheels provide phenomenal roll and grip.

A PERFECT FIT FOR ANY CHILD – Whether your kid beginner or an experienced skater, the Retrospec skateboard is perfect for your child. With a deck width of 7.5 inches and a length of 31 inches,
KICK, PUSH, AND COAST – With high rebound polyurethane wheels, your child be able to roll and grip on a variety of surfaces and speeds. The moderate concave and grip tape on this board makes it easier to learn new tricks.


  • Skateboards spin more smoothly
  • Nice beginners skateboard
  • Is not that expensive compared to others.


  • Board itself is too thin

Element Skateboards Section Complete Skateboard – 8″ x 32″(best skateboard for learning)

  • Complete skateboard: ELEMENT Classics
  • Material: Maple wood, stainless steel
  • Unassembled for customization

The Element Section complete skateboard is the perfect board for your kid if your child is just starting out in skating.

It comes with a soft, durable deck that has an ideal flex, as well as soft wheels to help your kid learn how to skate. This board comes fully assembled and ready to skate right out of the box!
This product features:

  • Dimensions of the deck are 7.5 inches wide
  • The material is aluminum, maple
  • There is an 81 centimeter length to the deck
  • It comes in the color black
  • The hardness of the surface is 99A
  • Material of the wheel is rubber
  • 52 millimeters is the diameter of the wheel


  • Great for beginners
  • Great quality


  • But be aware this is a 7.5 wide board, not 8.
Photo by Bea Vallejo on Unsplash

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser.

  • Skater-inspired designs
  • Fun and portable
  • Versatile kick tails
  • High-quality maple deck
  • Sturdy aluminum trucks

Mini cruiser skateboards are designed to meet the needs of everyday skateboarders.

We recommend this board to any child who wants to skate all over the world because it is fun to skate and easy to carry.

There are two double kick tails on the board that significantly enhance the board’s performance and fun factor. Your kid can throw anything at this board thanks to its Canadian maple deck and high-quality components.

Whenever your child goes, the mini cruiser will keep your child entertained.

A double kick tail is as follows:

Mini cruiser skateboards benefit from double kick tails. It’s here that your child has the most fun.

A kick-tail makes it possible to perform manias, ollies, flip tricks, and general tick-tacking.

The asymmetrical front and back kick tails allow the board to maintain the performance of a great skateboard while still providing a cool directional surfing look.

Portable and super convenient:

Parents of Skaters who need a board that is compact and lightweight can’t go wrong with the Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard.

As your child skates, carry and store the mini throughout the day, it is extremely convenient. With its 27.5″ length and 18″ wheelbase, this board is a blast to skate.

Magneto Mini Cruiser is a great choice for everyday skating since it’s big enough to be fun, but small enough to be portable.


  • Very beginner friendly
  • Outstanding
  • Excellent deck and trucks


  • The wheel cut-out is not aligned with the wheel.

Retrospec Quip Mini Cruiser Skateboard 22.5″ and 27″

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Looking for a cruiser skateboard that’s easy to skate? Look no further than the Quip Mini Cruiser Skateboard.

It comes fully assembled and ready to go, so your kid can start cruising the streets right away.

The polyurethane cast wheels provide a smooth, comfortable skate, while the lightweight ABEC-7 high-speed carbon bearings make it easy to zip around town.

Plus, the injection-molded construction is highly flexible, making it perfect for skaters of all skill levels.


  • Lightweight
  • Super portable and versatile boards
  • Affordable yet good quality


  • The board is made of plastic and it bends easily and interferes with stability.

ReDo Skateboard Kids 7.68″ Champion

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Looking for a stylish and lightweight skateboard to help your child turn, steer, and pop tricks with ease?ReDo has your child covered with their Champion Drip Popsicle Complete Skateboard.

This board measures 7.68″ wide x 31″ long and is recommended for kids aged 8 years and up.

The popsicle shape and black and gold drip graphic with the ReDo logo on the bottom make this board a must-have for any collection.


  • The graphic is well printed
  • Lightweight


  • No flaws

Are redo skateboards good quality

Overall, the Redo Skateboard Co. Skateboard Shorty Cruiser appears to be a solid choice for those who are looking for a smaller and more portable skateboard for cruising around town.

Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry, while its durable construction and smooth ride make it a reliable option for everyday use.

Here are some safety tips for skateboarding

Ride safely according to safety rules

  • Street riding is always dangerous.
  • Whenever it is wet outside, do not skateboard.
  • It is recommended yours’s child practice skateboarding on smooth driveways that are away from traffic, the beginner section of a skate park, or an empty parking lot when your kid is learning to skate.
  • Your child must obey all skating park rules. If your child plans to skateboard in a skateboarding area, should stop and look around.
  • If your child is skateboarding in a crowded area, do not do so.
  • Taking turns skating on a skateboard.
  • Whenever possible, avoid hitching rides from bicycles, cars, trucks, or buses.
  • If your child is skateboarding, do not wear headphones.
  • Falling is a part of skateboarding. Taking risks is part of the game. Safety gear and proper fall techniques are needed to stay safe
  • On grass or soft surfaces, practice falling.
  • Falling more slowly is easier if your child crouches down as you fall.
  • The best way to break a fall is to fall on your fleshy parts and roll rather than using your arms and hands.
  • Keep your body relaxed while falling instead of getting stiff.
  • You have to master basic tricks before you can move on to more complex ones.

How to Choose the Right Best Skateboard for Beginner Kids (Buyers Guide)

When buying a skateboard for beginner kids, it is important to consider the following factors:

Style of skating:

Board styles can be broken down into three categories: skateboards, cruisers, and longboards. Skaters use them at the park for tricks but they also ride across town if you want something that is quicker than your typical board – which would then Climb up onto more cruising ground with larger wheels perfect for traveling around in style!

Size of the board:

The width of the board is an important factor to consider when choosing a skateboard for beginner kids. A wider deck will provide more stability, while a narrower deck will be easier to maneuver.

The length of the board is also important. A longer board will be more stable at high speeds, while a shorter board will be more agile and easier to maneuver.

Construction of the board:

The construction of the board is also an important factor to consider when choosing a skateboard for beginner kids. A well-constructed board will be more durable and ride smoother, while a poorly constructed board will be more likely to break and provide a less smooth ride.


The deck is the platform of the skateboard on which the rider stands. It is important to choose a deck that is made of high-quality materials and construction, as this will affect the durability and ride quality of the board.


The wheels of a skateboard are also an important factor to consider when choosing a board for beginner kids. The size, hardness, and durometer of the wheels will all affect the ride quality of the board.


The bearings of a skateboard are what allow the wheels to spin. It is important to choose bearings that are made of high-quality materials and construction, as this will affect the durability and performance of the board.


The trucks of a skateboard are the metal axles that attach the wheels to the deck. It is important to choose trucks that are made of high-quality materials and construction, as this will affect the durability and performance of the board.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of skateboard is easiest for beginners?

White Fang Skateboards for Beginners provides a great, easy ride for beginners. The decks are made of high-quality materials and construction that make learning easier and faster. With a few basic tricks up your sleeve, you will be cruising around like a pro in no time!

What kind of skateboard should I get my kid?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best skateboard for a child depends on the child’s age, size, and skill level. That said, in general, a smaller skateboard is better for younger children and beginners, while a larger skateboard is better for older children and experienced skaters.

When choosing a skateboard for your child, be sure to consider the following factors:

  • The child’s age and size
  • The type of skating the child will be doing (street skating vs. vert skating, etc.)
  • The child’s skill level

What is the best size skateboard for beginners’ kids?

Metro Roller skateboards for beginners kids are the best size for children who are starting to skateboard. The boards are lightweight and have a low center of gravity, which makes it easy for kids to balance and stay in control. In addition, the soft rubber wheels absorb shocks and make it easy for kids to push off from the ground.

What size skateboard should a 12-year-old get?

It depends on the person’s weight and height. A good starting point is to use the Skateboard Size Chart to find the right size skateboard for your height and weight.

Keep in mind that when a child is first learning how to skateboard, they will likely need a smaller board that is easier to control. As they progress and become more comfortable with skating, they can then move up to a larger board.

What is the best size skateboard for a beginner?

The best size skateboard for a beginner is dependent on a number of factors, such as the rider’s height, weight, and skating style. A good rule of thumb is to choose a board that is around 28 inches long and 8 inches wide.

For someone who is just starting out, it is also important to choose a board that is not too stiff or too flexible. A beginner should look for a board with medium stiffness – not too hard to control, but not so soft that it feels unstable.

Finally, it is always important to consult with a knowledgeable skate shop salesperson or another experienced skater before making your final purchase decision.

Is skateboarding good exercise?

Skateboarding is a great way to get some exercise and have some fun at the same time. It requires balance, coordination, and core strength, so it really gives your whole body a workout.

And because it’s portable and you can do it almost anywhere, it’s a great way to fit in some Exercise is however you like.”

If you’re looking for an activity that will give you a challenging workout and plenty of sweaty fun, skateboarding is definitely worth considering.

Just be sure to wear proper safety gear and start out on an easy surface until you get the hang of it. Happy skating!


So, what is the best skateboard for beginner kids? It depends on your child’s age and skating experience. If you have a very young child who is just starting out, we recommend a smaller board that is easy to control.

For children with some skating experience, but who are still considered beginners, we suggest a board that is slightly larger and has more stability.

Whichever type of skateboard you choose, make sure it is well-made and suited for your child’s ability level. With the right equipment and plenty of practice, your little one will be cruising around in no time!