Affordable Best Skateboards for Beginners & Kids – 2023

If you’re thinking about taking your kids out skating for the first time, it’s essential to know that there are some affordable skateboards list out there that is perfect for beginners.

In this blog post, I’ll take a look at some of the best budget-friendly skateboards for first-timers. So whether you’re a parent or just someone who’s looking for an affordable way to get into skateboarding, read on!

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Types of best skateboards for beginners

Beginner skateboarders have a lot to consider when choosing the right board for them.

The first thing to think about is what type of skating they want to do.

There are three main types of skateboarding:-

  • Street skating
  • Park skating
  • Vert skating

Street skating

Street Skating is the most common form and involves skating on paved surfaces like sidewalks and driveways.

Street boards are generally the most affordable option, while the park and vert boards tend to be more expensive.

Park skating

Includes tricks and obstacles like rails and ramps found in skate parks.

Vert skating

Focuses on big air and is often done at half-pipes or bowl-shaped ramps.

Once you’ve decided what type of skateboarding you want to do, you can narrow down your choices.

You’ll also want to consider the size of the deck

Which is the flat part of the board where your child’s feet go. Decks come in a wide range of sizes, so it’s important to choose comfortable for your child.

Lastly, don’t forget about trucks and wheels!

Trucks are the metal parts that attach the wheels to the deck, and they come in different sizes depending on the width of your deck.

Wheels also come in different sizes;

With larger ones providing more speed and smaller ones giving you more control.

With so many options to choose from, However, by taking the time to figure out what type of skating your child wants to do and what size board will work best for your child.

You’ll be sure to find a board that’s perfect for your child’s needs.

Buying guide for the best cheap skateboard for beginners kids

Styles and trends come and go, but your kids will always love skateboarding. There were 11 million skateboarding users in the US in 2017.

The demand is high and it’s only increasing the participant in extreme sports.

Skateboarding is all about enjoying free space, exploring, and creating memorable moments with friends.

Carrying on like this might not be possible if you neglect to pay attention to a few essentials though.

Below is some basic knowledge on what you need to get those wheels rolling and how much you should pay for them!

Setting standards is hard since we see prices range from $40 – $1500 for a skateboard setup or complete product, but will an expensive board make you a better rider?

Doing everything that doesn’t add value – such as constantly throwing away parts – is not going to help you progress. What Board Should You Get?

The length of the skateboard has a lot of bearing on what surface you’ll be skating on.

Longer boards are better for fast downhill sections, as they have more stability and bounce back quicker from impacts with obstacles.

Rounded nose and tail ends will give you more control in tight spaces.

You’ll generally want longer boards on smaller surfaces and shorter ones on larger surfaces.

Affordable skateboard decks come in a variety of widths and lengths — which essentially makes it tricky.

To know what the best deck would be for you?

The boards with wider decks are typically used by heavier riders.

And those who involve themselves in competitive skating, while riders seeking more speed or stability can opt for narrower decks with larger wheelbases.

To decide which width board is right for you, simply measure your feet and compare them to our suggestions below.

For example, if your feet are up to 6 inches wide, you would use a board that is 7 – 10 inches in width.

Powell Peralta is a brand that has been around since the late 1970s. The Powell Golden Dragon has been on the market for over four decades now, and its popularity hasn’t decreased.

It’s easy to see why even legends like Steve Caballero recommend these skateboard decks.

Powell is known for having boards that fit everyone!

Below I will suggest you the top pick skateboard for your kids.

Mini Cruiser


Standard Skateboard Mini Cruiser
  • Appropriate for individuals of all skill levels
  • Offers a seamless skating experience
  • Provides a robust and secure skating surface
  • Features a grip tape that prevents slipping
  • Requires no assembly

The first cheap best skateboard for beginners is called the “Mini Cruiser” It’s the perfect size for kids ages 3-5, and it comes in ten different colors.

Sized for all levels:

These tricks skateboards are made for kids, teens, and adults who wish to learn more advanced skating tricks such as turns, pivots, slides, and street skating.

Both beginners and experienced skaters will love this complete carve skateboard

Ultra-smooth skating:

With 60 x 45mm PU Cast HR 85a bearings and smooth PU wheels, these skateboards are suitable for street skating parks, ramps, pools, and rough surfaces like roads.

Stable and durable:

Each skateboard is made out of durable and anti-slip PP deck material with asymmetric front and back tails and a solid aluminum alloy skateboard truck.

This cheap skateboard can support speeds and weights up to 220 pounds.

Grip tape with non-slip:

Featuring black grip tape, this skateboard gives your feet a locked feel, allowing you to ride fast and safely.

Ensures that users are more stable and safe

Assemblies are not required:

The skateboard comes assembled and ready to use for teens, skateboarder is Easily transportable, carriable, and storable. Girls and boys will love this gift idea


1- Affordable skateboard

2- Ready to use

3- Non-slip grip tape


1- No flaw

ReDo Skateboard

ReDo Skateboard 26
  • High quality popsicle skateboard
  • Wider shape, smooth wheels
  • Fast bearings, durable trucks
  • Smooth ride, 220lb capacity
  • Ages 8+, complete skateboard

The second is an Affordable skateboard for Ages 8+ kids. Innovative designs and manufacturing make ReDo Skateboard Co.

One of the most enjoyable companies to ride for. As a result of extensive engineering and research, ReDo Skateboard Co. has carefully crafted boards that provide ease, trick capability, and balance.

Children on a roll will enjoy ReDo Skateboards. It has smooth wheels and brushings that make it easy to maneuver and steer.

ReDo Skateboard Co.’s 26″ MINI Branson Koi Cruiser is the perfect way to ride.

A wider shape, smooth skateboard wheels, and bushings provide more edge control, while the board has high-definition graphics that add to the all-around ride’s durability.


1- Well built and nice design.

2- A smooth ride on 60mm 90A wheels

3- Maple Material


1- The actual board 110 pounds


Powell Peralta
  • Levon Biss: Close-ups of intricate insect illustrations
  • Remarkable details captured up-close
  • Buzz-worthy images without electron microscope

The second Affordable best skateboard for beginner kids is called the “Ruby Tailed Wasp” It’s made by a company called Powell-Peralta.

It’s recommended for children ages 5-9, and it comes in four different colors.

It has an aluminum Truck with carbon steel axles for durability and speed.

The Berg Board also has PU wheels for a smoother ride.


1- Featuring Powell Peralta’s 7-ply Maple skateboard deck.

2- Dimensions: 8.0″ x 31.45″

3- Maple Material


1- No flaws

Powell Peralta Skateboard

Powell Peralta Andy Anderson
  • Deck dimensions: 8.45" W x 31.8" L
  • Flight deck construction: Thinner, stronger, longer-lasting
  • Shape 289 with K20 concave

Step-up in technology:

Skate One’s Powell Peralta Flight deck represents the company’s most recent advance in skateboard technology.

Thinner and stronger:

The deck is constructed with epoxy glue reinforced with fiber and is lighter and more durable than a typical 7-ply maple skateboard deck.

So strong:

Can withstand being run over by a car without breaking

Proven by skaters:

Committed to quality, tested and endorsed by Powell Peralta skate team members

Backup warranty:

Skate One products include a warranty.


1- Extra strong

2- Super light and great for flat round/freestyle.

3- Overall very awesome deck.


1- Weak printing of the graphic

Rimable Complete

The third Affordable skateboard for kids is called the “Rimable Complete 22.” It’s made by a company called Rimable.

It’s recommended for children ages 10 and up, and it comes in four different colors as well.

It has aluminum trucks and PU wheels.

The Rimable Complete 22 also has High-Speed bearings to help your child go faster and smoother.

Affordable skateboards for kids are hard to find, but these three are the best of the best.

They’re all cheap, they’re all good quality, and they’re all perfect for beginners.

So what are you waiting for? Get your child one of these affordable skateboards today!


1- Durable material

2- Not too expensive

3- Good for Beginners


1- Does not roll very well

Rimable Complete

A reputable skateboard manufacturer!

A beautiful and amazing pattern print on the board.

Colors and designs are available for Rimable’s 22-inch board.

Young adults and teenagers use these boards to influence clothing styles, music, and street culture.

University campuses and skate parks are among the places where they are most common.

Barefoot riding is even possible! They serve as an excellent substitute for walking.

Weight capacity is 198 pounds. The board can be used by both kids and adults.

Made from durable materials, it is perfect for skating with the whole family.

It has a solid 3-inch aluminum truck, a thick deck made of 100% fresh material, smooth bearings, and PU wheels.

It is easy to ride because of all these factors.

There’s a good choice for beginners, it’s fun for children and parents alike, and you can even play it as a family race!

Prices that are affordable.

Every skater has a dream, but high costs make it impossible.

This sport is now accessible to more people, thanks to Rimable.


1- It’s absolutely beautiful

2- Great board for a beginner

3- Pretty smooth wheels


1- Gets pretty scratched easily

The best affordable skateboards for beginners

Affordable skateboards for beginners don’t have to be of poor quality.

You can find good beginner boards for very reasonable prices.

It’s important to consider what your child wants out of a skateboard before you purchase one, though.

If your child finds the best board to just tool around on occasion, you won’t need to spend as much as someone who wants to use their skateboard for tricks and competitions.

Read on for a few best cheap skateboard options that are great for beginners. 

Punisher Girls Skateboard

This board is made of durable 7-ply maple wood and can support up to 220 pounds.

Perfect for cruising around your neighborhood or shredding at the local skate park.

It’s also very affordable, making it a great option for beginner skaters on a budget.

 Skateboard features Heavy Duty 5-inch Punisher Trucks Painted Metallic Red.

Its best skateboard trucks are painted red with black truck bases to offset the deck.

Assembled your Skateboard and includes Punisher ABEC-7 high-speed bearings, 54×36 millimeter PU White Ivory Wheels with Full Color Graphics.

Printed cushions, and skateboard riser pads. Punisher skateboard for kids and adults.

I hope you choose the best skateboard.


1-  The deck is very sturdy

2- This skateboard is perfect for beginners

3-  High-quality skateboard


1- If the butterfly graphic could have been on top and bottom. No one sees it when it’s facing the earth.

2-The wheels are very slow

Quest Rorshack 34″

Best beginner skateboard for kids. 34-inch Cruiser Longboard features a multi-ply hardwood maple deck with Artisan Bamboo, rugged aluminum trucks, and durable 70mm polyurethane wheels.

Providing the best of both worlds, transportation, and stable performance, in a compact size.

You can move through the world on your own terms with this unique ‘splatter’ graphic on a gorgeous Bamboo deck.

For someone who wants it all, this is the Crossover of Longboards. available in multi-color.

The shape of the skateboard is beautiful.

Beginner skateboarders love this board and want to buy a complete skateboard.


  1. Great bamboo board
  2. Longboard with Quality Components
  3.  polyurethane wheels
  4. best quality board
  5. easy to learn


  1. cheap bearings

KPC Complete Skateboard

KPC Complete Skateboard
  • High quality, strong, reliable
  • Smooth ride, versatile
  • Griptape provides excellent traction
  • No assembly required, ready-to-ride
  • Perfect for all skill levels

The perfect beginners first board down is the budget skateboard, anyone pro skateboarder likes it.

A high-quality product:

It is important for a complete skateboard to be strong, durable, and reliable.

These KPC Skateboards are similar in style to the boards Pro skateboarders use, but they are much more affordable.

Board construction includes a maple deck with 7 plies, aluminum trucks, and urethane wheels.

Precision bearings are used throughout. I like the mixture of stiffness and flex on this board.

Comfortable ride:

Aluminum alloy trucks are included with this complete skateboard.

These trucks are designed to allow the skateboarder to adjust how much the skateboard turns.

This board features high-performance 52mm 99A high-rebound urethane wheels with precision speed ABEC 7 bearings, making it perfect for commuting, street skating, skate parks, bowls, and ramps.

Surfaces both smooth and rough will benefit from this product.

A grip tape includes:

The 80-grit level of our grip tape will provide you with excellent traction.

It provides support and ensures that your shoes have a firm grip on the board at all times because of the enhanced grit.

Pro and beginner skateboarders use the same grip!

Assembly is not required:

You can ride a skateboard right out of the box once it has been assembled! It is not necessary to assemble your board, but it is advisable to tune it to your own specifications.

Adjust the way the board turns, and tighten or loosen the trucks.

You can customize your board by drawing on the grip tape with paint markers or adding stickers to the bottom.

Suitable for all levels of skaters:

Beginners and experts can both benefit from skateboards.

It is specially designed for first-time riders or those who have not ridden a board for some time.

Featuring excellent quality and performance at an affordable price, our boards are an excellent value and easy to perform tricks.

Choose a board of higher quality rather than one at a lower price.


  1.  High-quality well-made skateboard
  2. Durable skateboard.
  3. The paint is decent so is the deck


  1. Graphics need improvement

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete
  • Specifically designed for smaller, younger skateboarders
  • Enables easy turns and delivers optimal performance
  • Ideal for riding in street and park environments

The Enjoi skateboard is a good kind of skateboard. Designed for riding in the park and on the streets, the Enjoi Whitey Panda deck’s 7.75-inch Complete Skateboard is the perfect board for you.

A smaller, younger skater’s board is designed for easy turning and maximum performance.

The skateboard comes with a top-quality Enjoi Resin7 epoxy maple deck, Tensor trucks, Enjoi 52mm wheels, precision speed bearings, grip tape, and hardware.

The Enjoi skateboard parts you buying very easily.


  1. Great all-in-one for the price!
  2. Very nice looking skateboard
  3. Overall really enjoyable and easy for beginners


  1. No flaw

Tony Hawk 34″ Complete Cruiser Skateboard

Tony Hawk 34
  • High Quality: Durable & Sturdy
  • Better Experience: Balanced & Absorbent
  • Premium Materials: Waterproof & Safe
  • No Assembly Needed: Ready-to-play
  • All Levels Suitable: Beginner-friendly

Designed to be durable and sturdy:

It features a 34″ long x 8.5″ wide double kick concave design with 7 layers of hard Canadian maple decking that can withstand the impact of skateboarding and new learning tricks. It is durable and sturdy and can accommodate a load of up to 175 pounds.

Improve Your Experience:

PU wheels with 95A high rebound bushings and ABEC-3 bearings work with high-speed 95A PU wheels. Improve your skateboard experience with better balance control and shock absorption.


Designed with a heat transfer pattern that is waterproof and fast-drying, our skateboard can keep its luster for a long time. When you skateboard, you are safer when you use emery grip tape that is high-density and non-slip.

Assembling is not necessary:

Our complete skateboard comes with 5″ tough magnalium alloy trucks which help you save time and hassle when assembling. This game is ready to play straight out of the box.

Skaters of all levels can enjoy this skate:

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced skater, our skateboards are a great way to enjoy outdoor leisure time. Sakar is the best beginner skateboard. A cheap skateboard for beginners.


  1. The quality skateboard is great well
  2. Amazing shape
  3. Great Classic Skateboard


  1. No manner of truck adjustment gives a reasonable turn radius on this.

Tony Hawk 31″ Complete Cruiser Skateboard

Tony Hawk 31
  • Durable & Sturdy: 31" x 8" full-size, 7-layer Canadian maple deck
  • Better Experience: High-speed PU wheels, ABEC-3 bearings
  • Quality Materials: Waterproof design, non-slip grip tape
  • No Assembly Required: Complete skateboard with 5" truck
  • Suitable for All Levels: Beginner to experienced skaters

Pink Hawk:

Made from 9-Ply Maple, this classic cruiser skateboard size is 31″ x 8″.

Designed with a moderate concave for superior control while riding, turning, and doing tricks.60x45mm stone ground cast PU wheels on 5″ aluminum trucks. ABEC1 bearings. 7 layers of hard Canadian maple deck, Skateboarding requires you to withstand the impact and learn new tricks.

With a maximum load of 175 pounds, it is both durable and sturdy.

Slime Hawk:

choose the best beginner skateboard and also good for anyone, and buy a good skateboard.

Strong & Durable:

A full-size double kick concave skateboard with 7 layers of Canadian maple deck is 31″ long and 8″ wide.

It can carry a maximum load of 175 pounds, and it is durable and sturdy at the same time.

Let’s Make Your Experience Better:

Wheels with 95A PU bushings and ABEC-3 bearings produce high speeds.

Enhance your skateboarding experience by improving balance control and shock absorption.

Quality Materials are a Priority:

Designed with a heat transfer pattern that is waterproof and fast-drying, the skateboard can keep its luster for a long time.

Skateboarding is made safer with emery grip tape with a high density that doesn’t slip.

Assembly is not required:

This skateboard comes with a 5″ tough magnalium alloy truck, so your child can start skating right away. Your child can start playing right out of the box.

The skates are suitable for skaters of all levels:

Your child can enjoy outdoor entertainment time via a skateboard at any level, whether your child is a beginner or an experienced rider.


  1.  Excellent for beginners
  2. Sturdy & Looks Awesome
  3. Great cruiser board 


  1. No flaw

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s the easiest skateboard for kids?

The easiest skateboard for beginners is a cruiser board. Cruiser boards are designed for easy riding and are perfect for people who are just starting out. They have a simple design and are typically made from plastic or other lightweight materials, which makes them easy to control and maneuver.
If you’re looking for an even easier option, consider a skateboard that has two wheels instead of four. Two-wheel skateboards are perfect for kids and adult riders because they provide more stability and are easier to balance.

What skateboard is best for beginners?

A skateboard that is good for beginners is typically wider and has a longer wheelbase. This makes it more stable and easier to control.
Some of the best skateboards for beginners include the Powell Peralta Rat Bones Skateboard, the Globe Geminin Skateboard, and the Penny Nickel 22″ Complete Skateboard. These boards are all wider and have a longer wheelbase than other skateboards, making them easier to control for beginner riders.

Is skateboarding good exercise?

Yes, skateboarding is great exercise. It works your entire body, including your core, and it’s great for improving balance and coordination. Skateboarding is also a lot of fun, which makes it more likely that you’ll stick with the exercise routine.
If you’re new to skateboarding, be sure to start out slowly and build up your skills gradually. Always wear the appropriate safety gear, such as a helmet and pads, when skating. And never try to do tricks unless you are confident in your ability to do them safely.

Are hard wheels or soft wheels better?

The softer durometer means you won’t experience harsh vibrations caused by rough streets, cracks, and bricks, so you’ll roll much more smoothly. A soft wheel will also grip the surface you are riding on much better than a hard one.

What are soft skateboard wheels for?

On rough surfaces, or on longboards and street boards with cracks and pebbles, the soft wheel will roll easily. It is ideal for smooth rides, cruising, longboarding, hill climbing, and rough surfaces. The grip is still good, but the game is a little harder and faster.


Skateboarding can be a great hobby or sport for people of all ages, and it’s especially affordable when you start out on beginner skateboards.

I hope this article has helped you find the perfect board for your child’s needs and given your kid some ideas about how to get started in the exciting world of skateboarding.

Remember to always child wear safety gear when skating, and have fun!