Best Skateboard Helmet For 9 Year Old

When it comes to finding the best skateboard helmet for a 9-year-old, safety should be the number one priority.

It is important to ensure that the helmet fits properly and is certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The best skateboard helmets for kids are those that are lightweight and come with adjustable straps chin and inner pads for extra comfort.

Additionally, look for helmets with a hard outer shell and a soft inner lining to provide maximum protection from impact-resistant.

Brightly colored kid helmets with reflective materials can also help keep your child visible and safe while skating at night or in low-light conditions.

Make sure to replace any cracked or damaged helmets immediately as they may no longer provide adequate protection against head injuries.

Skateboarding with a certified skate helmet

As we all know, skateboarding is an ever-growing sport that has exploded in popularity over the past few years. There are many ways to enjoy this hobby as a beginner or professional-level skater.

One of the most important pieces of equipment is the kid’s skateboard helmet!

Finding the right one for your child can be tricky, which is why it is very important to compare like with against.

Some features such as adjustable straps, foam thickness, and visibility settings vary from company to company, so make sure you check those out thoroughly before buying.

As parents ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to find the right balance between protecting your child’s head while also allowing them to have fun.

That is what makes this article helpful!

I will go through my top pick for the best skateboard helmet size range for kids ages nine and up.

Check out the helmet on this list and see if anything new catches your eye.

Nutcase Little Nutty & Street

Nutcase Little Nutty & Street helmets offer superior protection and an unparalleled level of comfort.

Constructed with a lightweight yet durable shell, they boast innovative features like adjustable straps, fit dial retention systems, and magnetic buckles.

The sleek design ensures a snug fit while the ample ventilation keeps you cool. Additionally, all Nutcase helmets come with a removable visor to protect your eyes from the sun or rain.

With their bright and fun designs, Little Nutty and Street helmets are perfect for children who want to stay safe and look stylish on the go.

Whether you’re biking down the street or scooting around town, these helmets will keep your little one safe in style!

Thousand Jr. proves that safety and style

Thousand Jr. is a company that provides the perfect balance of safety and style. Their helmets are designed with active lifestyles in mind, so they look great while also providing superior protection.

The skateboarding helmets are lightweight and breathable, making them comfortable to wear even during long rides. They also feature an adjustable size system, allowing them to fit any rider perfectly.

Additionally, all of their products meet or exceed industry standards for safety and durability. With Thousand Jr., you can be sure you’re getting the best helmet available without compromising on your sense of style.

All of these features make Thousand Jr. an excellent choice for riders of all types who want a great-looking helmet that also provides superior protection.

Triple 8 helmet Lil’ 8 / Little Tricky

The Triple 8 Lil’ 8 or Little Tricky helmet is an excellent choice for all your skateboarding needs.

The triple eight helmet offers superior protection and comfort for your head, with vents at the top shell, adjustable straps, and lightweight construction.

The low-profile design also gives you full peripheral vision while keeping the helmet securely in place.

The sweat-saver liner is both removable and washable, ensuring that you stay cool and dry during your ride.

It also features EPS foam cushioning to absorb shocks and impacts. The Triple 8 Lil’ 8/Little Tricky helmet is ASTM and CPSC-certified, so you can trust that it provides the highest level of safety for your skateboard adventures.

With its sleek look and superior protection, this helmet will make sure that you stay safe while enjoying all of your favorite activities.

best skateboard helmet for a 9-year-old (Jim skateboard helmet)

The JBM skateboard helmet is an essential piece of equipment for every skateboarder.

It offers robust protection against head injuries, while still providing excellent ventilation and comfort. The inner lining is made from a breathable mesh material that keeps your head cool when skating.

The outer shell is made of a durable polycarbonate material that absorbs impacts and dissipates energy, thus protecting your head in the event of a fall.

Additionally, it has adjustable straps for the perfect fit so that you can feel secure and comfortable as you ride.

The JBM skateboard helmet also comes with removable padding for extra protection and comfort.

With its stylish look, great performance, and unbeatable price, this helmet is an ideal choice for any serious skater.

Outdoor Master certifications a helmet

Outdoor Master certifications are essential for anyone looking to stay safe while participating in outdoor activities. A helmet is a key component of any outdoor master certification and should be chosen with care.

When choosing a helmet, it’s important to select one that fits your head properly, provides adequate ventilation, and is certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Additionally, you should make sure that your helmet has been approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) for use in extreme sports or hazardous activities.

It’s also important to inspect your helmet regularly for damage such as cracks or dents. With the right Outdoor Master certification and helmet, you can stay safe while taking part in all sorts of outdoor activities.

The Bell Span is a high-quality helmet

The Bell Span is a high-quality helmet that is perfect for any skateboarder.

It features an aerodynamic design and is lightweight yet sturdy, making it a great choice for skaters looking to maximize their speed and style on the road.

The helmet also has a variety of vents to keep your head cool while riding.

Additionally, Bell’s multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) helps reduce the impact of a crash and provides extra protection for your head.

With its superior fit system, adjustable straps, and integrated visor, you can be sure you have the best protection possible from this helmet.

In addition to its safety features, the Bell Span ensures comfort with its soft padding and breathable fabric.

With these features combined, you can be sure that your skateboarding experience will be safe and enjoyable with the Bell Span helmet.

80 Six Dual-Certified Skateboard Helmet

The 80Six Dual Certified Helmet is a must-have for any skater or skateboarder.

It is a stylish, lightweight, and comfortable helmet that features a dual certification from both the CPSC and ASTM, meaning it meets or exceeds all safety standards set by both organizations.

The interior of the helmet is lined with EPS foam for maximum impact protection and comfort.

The adjustable chin strap ensures a snug fit for any user, while the 18 air vents help to keep your head cool on those hot summer days.

This helmet also comes in several different colors, so you can find one to match your style.

The 80 Six Dual-Certified Skate is the perfect helmet for anyone who wants to stay safe while skating or skateboarding.

Avoid cheap kids’ skate helmets

Recent studies show that not only are some low-priced skateboard helmets less protective, but they can even increase your risk of serious injury! Companies that make skateboarding-related products market themselves as being very durable and strong, but unfortunately, this is not always true.

Some companies use lighter materials or thinner technology to keep their helmet prices lower. Unfortunately, these designs may be more likely to lose strength under stress, making it possible to suffer an accident and end up with no protection.

This could especially happen if the rider suffers from heavy impacts such as when jumping off ramps, flipping over ollies, or riding into walls.

What is the sharp test?

What is the sharp test for your helmet certification?



While some may feel that only expensive or fancy helmets are worthy of their child’s trust, there is an easy way to make sure they are safe.

Testing a skateboard helmet is done by putting it over your head and trying to push down on it with your hands.

If you can pull your nose up then the test has passed! This means that the safety features in the helmet work at preventing accidents from happening.

There is no legal requirement that kids under 18 must wear a helmet while riding a bike or skateboarding, but we recommend always wearing one. Even if you think you already have enough protection, testing yours can never hurt.

It will also help you determine whether the design and materials of the product help protect your kid against injuries should they fall off or get hit by another rider or vehicle.

Wash your toddler skateboard helmet

As mentioned before, most good skateboard helmets have some kind of cover or screen to prevent dirt and water from getting in.

However, this protective layer can be removed! Never pull off the top cap of your helmet while it is in use as you could lose control of the board.

Instead, take your helmet outside or into the shower once a week and wash it using lukewarm water and an abrasive cleaner (like dish soap).

This will remove any buildup that may occur during use and keep your helmet working properly. Make sure to clean both inside and out!

Once done washing, let the helmet dry completely before re-installing the top plastic plate. If left untreated, this coating will begin to flake off, leaving you with a raw exposed surface of the material which could cause skin irritation or worse.

What size skateboard helmet for 10 year old


best skateboard helmet for 9 year old


Skateboarding is an incredibly popular pastime for children of all ages, and safety should be a top priority. A helmet is one of the most important pieces of safety gear for a skateboarder, especially for a 10-year-old.

When purchasing a helmet, it is important to make sure you get the right size. For a 10-year-old, you should look for helmets that are labeled as “youth” or “child” sizes.

These helmets are designed to fit smaller heads more snugly while still providing maximum protection from head injuries.

Make sure to measure your child’s head before buying the helmet so that you can ensure you get the best fit possible.

Additionally, always make sure that your child’s helmet meets all applicable safety standards when making your purchase.

With these steps taken, your 10-year-old will be safe and secure as they zoom around on their skateboard!

Having a good skate helmet is very important as many brands seem to have different levels of quality.

What kind of material they are made from off-camera, whether or not they can withstand water exposure, and how well they fit are some key features.

Most kids under 10 don’t need much more than their face protection! For those who start skating at that age, we recommend staying with one brand until they grow out of that level of protection.

As you progress in your board sports career, look into getting a better protective gear set. An easy way to do this is by buying used skates, helmets, and other equipment.

You will save money, and you likely won’t be supporting unnecessary waste production either.

Make sure it fits


best skateboard helmet for 9 year old


When choosing a new skate helmet, make sure you have checked that it fits properly first! Most board companies will include fit information in their product description or online tutorials, so do that before buying to ensure it works for you.

Some helmets come with face padding that can be adjusted, this is very helpful if your kid likes lots of eye coverage while skating.

You want to be able to take off the helmet easily without having to pull out plastic covers every time!

Also, check to see if there are any adjustable nose pieces like numbers or plugs. This allows you to get more comfortable tight-fitting protection without needing to rework the seal constantly.

Make sure it is comfortable child’s skateboard helmet and pads


When shopping for your kid’s new skateboard helmet, make sure that it is not only sturdy but also comfortable! If you notice them wincing or looking uncomfortable while wearing it, then look elsewhere!

Most kids will need at least two pairs of helmets before they find their perfect fit. Kids grow quickly so having too tight of a helmet can cause discomfort and damage to their head. Too loose may not feel secure which could scare them away from riding.

Buy from a reputable brand


best skateboard helmet for 9 year old


As mentioned before, buying anything online is not a risk-free option. If you are ever having issues with your helmet or want to try out another style, it will cost you money to do that.

As seen in our best skateboard wheel size tips, most major sellers offer a one-year manufacturer warranty when purchasing their products.

Make sure to check this as they may “hide” the fact that there is no coverage under the warranty!

Also, make sure to read reviews as well to see if anyone had to go through a difficult process to get their product fixed or workarounds such as using a different type of helmet.

We have listed some popular brands here but remember that none of these companies manufacture the helmets so beware of cheap imitations.

Use a helmet bag


best skateboard helmet for 9 year old


Having a good quality skateboard helmet is very important as it can make or break your board season. A well-designed, insulated skateboard safety helmet will keep your head warm while protecting you from bumps and impacts.

Most people start off buying a regular handlebar-style motorcycle helmet that is inadequate for skating. These helmets are much thinner and lack enough insulation to be effective.

If you are looking to get into more serious riding then look for fully adjustable dial riders’ helmets. This way you can easily adjust the size of the opening and the grip strength which makes putting on and taking off easier.

These bike riders’ helmets also typically have ear padding to reduce the risk of injury due to impact with other vehicles or falling onto the pavement when turning.

Can You Wear A Bike Helmet For Skateboarding?

Using a bike helmet for skateboarding is not recommended as bike helmets are not designed to protect against impacts encountered during skateboarding.

Bike helmets typically provide protection against impacts to the head from falling off a bicycle, while skateboarding may involve falls at higher speeds, with more aggressive terrain and other obstacles. The

Kid skateboard helmets should be worn when participating in skateboarding activities, as they will provide the necessary protection and are specifically designed for this type of activity.

Makes this helmet also usually has additional padding and ventilation for increased safety and comfort.

Additionally, many state laws require that a person wear a certified helmet when engaging in skateboarding activities.

Therefore, it is important to use a skateboard helmet instead of a bike helmet when engaging in any form of skateboarding


When it comes to choosing the best skateboard helmet for a 9-year-old, prioritizing safety is paramount. The right helmet should fit properly and be certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Look for lightweight helmets with adjustable straps and inner pads for added comfort. Helmets with a hard outer shell and a soft inner lining provide optimal protection against impacts. Opt for brightly colored helmets with reflective materials for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. Always replace damaged helmets promptly to ensure continued safety.

Skateboarding is an increasingly popular sport, and selecting the right helmet is crucial. We’ve highlighted some top options for kids’ skateboard helmets, each offering a combination of safety and style.

  1. Nutcase Little Nutty & Street: These helmets provide excellent protection and comfort with features like adjustable straps, fit dial retention systems, and magnetic buckles. They also come in stylish designs, making them perfect for safety-conscious and fashion-savvy kids.

  2. Thousand Jr.: Thousand Jr. strikes a balance between safety and style, offering lightweight and breathable helmets with adjustable size systems. Their helmets meet or exceed safety standards, ensuring your child’s protection without compromising on looks.

  3. Triple 8 Lil’ 8 / Little Tricky: These helmets offer superior protection with adjustable straps, vents, and a sweat-saver liner. They are ASTM and CPSC-certified, making them a reliable choice for skateboard enthusiasts.

  4. JBM Skateboard Helmet: JBM helmets combine protection, comfort, and affordability. They feature a breathable mesh lining, durable polycarbonate outer shell, adjustable straps, and removable padding, making them an excellent choice for young skaters.

  5. Outdoor Master: When safety certifications are a top priority, Outdoor Master helmets are a great choice. Ensure your child’s helmet is ANSI and CPSC-certified for extreme sports and hazardous activities. Regularly inspect your helmet for damage to maintain its effectiveness.

  6. Bell Span: Bell Span helmets offer an aerodynamic design, MIPS technology for added impact protection, and ample ventilation. These helmets provide both safety and comfort, making them suitable for more advanced skateboarders.

  7. 80Six Dual-Certified Skateboard Helmet: This helmet is dual-certified by CPSC and ASTM, meeting or exceeding safety standards. It offers a comfortable fit with EPS foam lining, an adjustable chin strap, and 18 air vents for ventilation.

Lastly, it’s essential to avoid cheap skateboard helmets that may not provide adequate protection. Always prioritize safety over cost, and ensure the helmet fits comfortably and securely. As your child grows, regularly check for proper helmet fit and consider upgrading to a larger size when necessary.

Remember that safety should be the top priority when it comes to skateboarding. A properly fitted and certified skateboard helmet is an essential piece of equipment to ensure your child’s safety while enjoying this exciting sport.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the safest skateboard helmet for a child?

The safest skateboard helmet for a child is one that meets or exceeds safety standards like CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) certification. Look for helmets with a hard outer shell and a soft inner lining for impact protection. Brands like Nutcase, Thousand Jr., Triple 8, and Bell offer certified helmets with excellent safety features and comfort for children. However, it’s crucial to ensure the helmet fits properly and replace it if damaged to maintain safety.

Which skateboard helmet is best?

The best skateboard helmet depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some top-rated options include helmets from Nutcase, Thousand Jr., Triple 8, Bell, and 80Six, all offering a combination of safety, comfort, and style. It’s essential to choose a helmet that fits well, meets safety standards, and suits your individual requirements for skateboarding.

How do I choose a skateboard helmet?

When choosing a skateboard helmet, consider the following factors:

  1. Safety Certification: Ensure the helmet meets safety standards like CPSC certification.

  2. Fit: Select a helmet that fits snugly and comfortably on your head. Adjust the straps and inner padding as needed.

  3. Style: Choose a helmet that matches your style and preferences.

  4. Ventilation: Look for helmets with adequate ventilation to keep your head cool during rides.

  5. Material: Opt for a helmet with a hard outer shell and a soft inner lining for impact protection.

  6. Size: Measure your head to determine the right helmet size and adjust it for a secure fit.

  7. Brand: Consider reputable brands known for their quality and safety standards.

  8. Budget: Balance your budget with the need for safety and comfort.

Overall, prioritize safety, fit, and comfort when selecting a skateboard helmet.

Should kids wear helmets while skateboarding?

Yes, kids should always wear helmets while skateboarding to protect against head injuries. It’s a crucial safety measure to reduce the risk of serious accidents and ensure their well-being while enjoying the sport.

Is a bike helmet OK for skateboarding?

Using a bike helmet for skateboarding is not recommended. Bike helmets and skateboard helmets are designed for different types of impacts. Skateboarding may involve falls and impacts at different angles and speeds, which require a specific skateboard helmet designed to provide proper protection. It’s safer to use a skateboard helmet when participating in skateboarding activities.


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