Best Amazon Skateboards For Beginners

Skateboarding is a fun sport that can be enjoyed by anyone, from those who are just starting out to those who have been skateboarding for years.

There are different types of skateboards that are perfect for different people, so it’s important to find the right skateboard for your child.

If your child is new to skating, or if your child skates for a while but doesn’t know what type of skateboard to buy, there are a few things you should consider.

This article will help teach you about the best Amazon skateboards for beginners.

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Are Amazon skateboards good?

Amazon is a popular online marketplace that offers a wide variety of skateboards. However, many people wonder if Amazon skateboards are good.

The answer to this question can be tricky since the quality of these boards varies greatly depending on the brand and model.

While some Amazon skateboards may be suitable for beginners or casual riders, others may not meet the requirements of advanced skaters.

Therefore, it’s crucial to do your research and read reviews before purchasing an Amazon skateboard to ensure that you get a high-quality board that meets your needs.

What size skateboard is best for beginners?

The best size of the skateboard for beginners is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer smaller boards because they are easier to maneuver, while others prefer larger boards for stability.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what size board is best for them.

The Best Smaller Skate Boards

The best smaller skateboards are the ones that are made with high-quality materials and construction. They should also have a good design that is comfortable to ride.

The best smaller skateboards will also have a wide variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

The Best Larger Skate Boards

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone’s skating style and preferences are different.

However, some of the best larger skateboards on the market include the Sector 9 Aperture, the Globe Blazer, and the Landyachtz Battle Axe.

These boards are all built for stability and durability, making them ideal for skating around town or hitting up the local skate park.

Beginner Skateboard Buyer’s Guide: What Should I Look For?

If you’re looking to buy a skateboard, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

First off, it’s important to choose the right size board for your height and weight. You don’t want a board that’s too big or too small – it should be just right.

Second, you’ll want to make sure the board is made of quality materials. Look for a deck that’s made of sturdy wood or composite material, and make sure the trucks and wheels are made of durable metal.

Third, you’ll want to consider the shape of the deck. Some decks are better suited for certain types of skating than others.

Finally, be sure to read reviews before purchasing a skateboard to get an idea of what other skaters think of it.

With these factors in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect skateboard for your needs!

You can use the following skateboard size guide to determine your skateboard size based on weight:


Skateboard Size Deck Width Range Weight Range
A (Micro) 6.5″ to 6.75″ 45 lbs or less
Mini/Small 7.00″ to 7.50″ 46 lbs to 59 lbs
Mid-Size 7.50″ to 8.00″ 60 lbs to 101 lbs
Adult Size 8.00″ to 8.50″ 102 lbs to 152 lbs
Extended 8.50″ and up 153 lbs and over

Best Amazon Skateboard for Beginners


Kids Beginner Skateboard from Rude Boyz 

Kids Beginner Skateboard from Rude Boyz is a great skateboard for kids who are just starting to learn how to skate. It is made with high-quality materials and construction, and it comes with everything you need to get started.

The deck is durable and has a non-slip surface, and the trucks are designed for stability and easy turning. The wheels are perfect for beginners, and the bearings are smooth and fast.

This skateboard is perfect for kids who want to learn how to skate in a safe and fun environment.

Specifications for this product:

  • This brand is called RUDEBOYS
  • A color-themed cheeseburger design
  • It is recommended for ages 3 to 5 years old with a maximum weight of 121 pounds. This is a MINI SKATEBOARD. (NOT a Full Size)
  • The deck measures 17 inches in length
  • The deck width is 5 inches
  • It is made of wood
  • Kids aged 3-5 will love this beginner’s skateboard because it is safe and looks cool at the same time. It has a 17″ wooden deck with grip tape that supports up to 121 pounds. Your child will be able to learn balance, control, and cool tricks in a safe environment since the board is shorter and smaller than an adult board.
  • Beginners will love this skateboard because they’ll feel and look like pros! The skateboard is designed to allow preschool-aged children to build balance and coordination while learning to ride a real skateboard independently. You can expect your child to explore and move creatively with this board’s 54mm wheels, ABEC-7 bearings, and mini-deck.

    Skateboards Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard for Kids Boys Youths Beginners

    Skateboards Complete 22 Inch
    • Unique Meketec Advantage: Colorful 3.25" trucks
    • Performance: 22.5" x 6" deck, 200 lb max load, smooth wheels
    • High Value: Outstanding appearance, affordable price
    • What You Get: Easy park, school, and road use

    The Skateboards Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard for Kids Boys Youths Beginners is a great skateboard for kids and beginners. It is made of high-quality materials and is very durable. It is also very easy to use and ride.

    This skateboard is perfect for kids who want to learn how to skateboard or for those who just want to have fun.

    Specifications for this product:

    • The brand name is Meketec
    • The starry sky in color
    • A kid between the ages of 4 and 12 (description)
    • The deck measures 56 centimeters in length
    • The width of the deck is 6 inches
    • The weight of the item is 3.79 pounds
    • Make your skateboard unique with Meketec’s advantages. In comparison with other skateboarders, the 3.25-inch trucks with different colors are superior.
    • A performance model with a 22.5-inch x 6.5-inch deck, a maximum load weight of 200 lb, and 60mm x 45 PU smooth wheels, with high-speed ABEC-7 bearings.
    • The Meketec Unusual skateboard appearance performs better than many of the leading brands and high-cost performance skateboards.
    • It is the perfect holiday gift for kids and girls who are just starting out, you can take it to the park, school, or road with ease.
    • No matter your skill level, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced rider, this well-built skateboard is safe to ride.


    • Unique and engaging – a skateboard complete with a 22-inch mini cruiser is sure to be an interesting and engaging addition to any skatepark.
    • Great for beginners – the mini cruiser-style board is perfect for beginner skaters, making it a great choice for those just starting out.
    • Durable – the skateboard complete is made with high-quality materials, ensuring that it will last for years.
    • Affordable – the skateboard Complete is affordable, making it a great option for those on a budget.
    • Suitable for all types of skating – the mini cruiser skateboard is suitable for all types of skating, from beginner to advanced skaters.


    • No flaws

    M Merkapa 22″ Inch Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard with Colorful LED

    M Merkapa 22
    • Easy turning: Flexible aluminum trucks
    • Beginner-friendly: Includes skateboard tools
    • Ideal gift: Perfect for skateboarding enthusiasts

    Merkapa 22″ Inch Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard with Colorful LED is a great choice for those who are looking for a quality and durable skateboard. It is made of high-quality materials and comes with a very stylish design. The LED lights add a touch of fun and make it safe to ride in the dark.

    Specifications for this product:

    • It is a brand of M Merkapa
    • This color is blue
    • A kid between the ages of 4 and 12 (description)
    • The length of the deck is 22 inches
    • The width of the deck is 6 inches
    • The weight of the item is 1.73 kilograms
    • This Merkapa skateboard desk will be 2cm thicker than the current Merkapa skateboard desk. This complete skateboard differs from other wooden skateboards in that it is sturdy and durable, heat-resistant, and moisture-proof. Load capacity: 220 pounds
    • The Merkapa Brand is perfect for beginners and kids who are interested in skating. Your best choice is a Merkapa skateboard! As a professional skateboard manufacturer with over 10 years of experience, Merrikapa designs colorful skateboards for kids of all ages.
    • The skateboard is designed to support preschool-aged children in learning how to ride a real skateboard independently while developing balance and coordination. This board features ABEC-7 bearings and a mini-deck that help your child experiment and move creatively
    • During nighttime rides, LED wheels light up without batteries or chargers for fun and safety. The PU wheels and ABEC-7 bearings offer a smooth and comfortable ride while offering good shock absorption and fine abrasion resistance.


    • The skateboard is unique and engaging to use.
    • The wheels are colorful and make it a fun board to ride.
    • The skateboard is easy to control and move, perfect for beginners.
    • The skateboard is durable and can last for multiple uses.
    • It is a great option for students who are looking for an at-home skating experience.


    • No flaws

    Magneto Kids Skateboard | 22+ Inches

    Magneto Complete Skateboard | 27.5
    • Perfect first board: 27.5" x 7.75", lighter and ideal for kids
    • Classic cruiser shape: 6" wide, wheel wells, kickball for control
    • Quality components: 60mm soft wheels, fast ABEC 5 bearings

    The Magneto Kids Skateboard is perfect for kids and adults alike. It’s 22+ inches long and 6+ inches wide, making it the perfect size for cruising around town or hitting the skate park.

    The maple 7-ply deck is durable and looks great, and the fully assembled board is ready to ride right out of the box. With its school locker cruiser design, this board is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

    Specifications for this product:

    • A brand called Magneto
    • Checkered color scheme
    • A child between the ages of 5 and 11
    • The length of the deck is 27.5 inches
    • The deck width is 7.75 inches
    • The item weighs 4 pounds
    • This is the perfect first board for kids because it’s 31 inches by 8 inches and is the perfect size and shape. This deck has a length of 27.5 inches and a width of 7.75 inches. Despite the length and weight of the deck, kids’ feet fit perfectly on this deck. Instead of using big, heavy skateboards that are usually found on the market, we taught our students how to skate faster with boards that were designed for them.
    • This board is shorter than a traditional skateboard at 27.5 inches, making it a perfect beginner board. The smaller size of this board is pretty fun for adults too! In small skate parks or mini ramps, advanced skaters will have a blast on this board.
    • It features 7 plies of hard maple, a kick tail on both sides and a shallow concave to make skating more comfortable. Featuring three awesome graphic choices on the bottom and high-quality grip tape on top for extra traction, the deck is finished with high-quality grip tape.
    • The ride is extra smooth and stable thanks to the High Rebound Urethane wheels. They are 52mm 95A SHR, which are super-soft, highly tractioned, and make the ride extremely smooth and stable.


    • Some decent bearings along with clean ABS wheels.
    • Plus a clean graphic on the deck
    • Nice boards for a great price
    • Plenty of speed to keep practicing
    • I think this is a great board for beginners


    • No flaws

    Gonex 22 Inch Skateboard for Girls Boys Kids Beginners

    Gonex 22 Inch Skateboard
    • Solid Material: High-quality components, excellent grip
    • Fashionable Patterns: Trendy and stylish designs
    • Compact Size: Portable and lightweight

    This is an ideal skateboard for kids, beginners, and youths. It is made of high-quality plastic material and can support up to 220 lbs. It has a smooth surface with anti-slip grip tape.

    The board measures 22″x6″ and comes with 3.25″ aluminum trucks and 52mm urethane wheels.

    Specifications for this product:

    • A brand named Gonex
    • It color B-black
    • The following are the age groups Adults, Kids, and Youth
    • The length of the deck is 56 centimeters
    • The width of the deck is 6 inches
    • The material is polypropylene, aluminum, and plastic
    • PP plastic and 60mm PU cast wheels offer excellent grip & wear resistance, not easy to skid, and the 3.25″ aluminum alloy trucks provide rigidity & reliability.
    • This skateboard measures 22″ x 6″, making it convenient to carry anywhere. It fits into a backpack or luggage easily. Children can easily carry & control it since it weighs only 3.6 lbs.
    • Supports a load of up to 198 pounds (90 kilograms). The combination of good shock absorption and load bearing makes skating a wonderful experience.


    • This versatile deck features six original & trendy & beautiful designs
    • All levels of skateboarders will enjoy this mini cruiser skateboard.


    • No flaws

    Pwigs Pretty&Popular Pro Complete Skateboards 

    Gonex 22 Inch Skateboard
    • Width: 8", Length: 31", Height: 3.9", Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
    • Smooth 95A PU wheels with ABEC-11 bearings and 95A High rebound PU bushing
    • Double kick symmetric concave design for enhanced braking and energy transfer

    These complete skateboards are perfect for beginners, youths, teens, and kids. They are made with Canadian Maple and have a double-kick concave design. They also come with T tools to make it easy to get started.

    Description of the product:

    • This is a brand of Pwigs that is pretty and popular
    • Check the color scheme
    • The age range of a person (description) is adult, child, or youth
    • The length of the deck is 79 centimeters
    • The width of the deck is 8 inches
    • The material is maple
    • It measures 8 inches wide and 31 inches long. 3’9″ in height. Weight capacity of 330 pounds.
    • High-rebound 95A PU bushings, combined with super-smooth 95A PU wheels.
    • The design of the double kick symmetric concave allows more energy to be transferred from the heel to the toe for easier braking. For lightweight performance in your daily sessions, this deck features short and steep kick tails to maximize ollie height.


    • It is suitable for skaters who skate on the street
    • The board has been professionally assembled.
    • Very flexible and balances very well.
    • The color is bright and seems to be durable


    • No flaws

    Beleev Cruiser Skateboards for Beginners, 27-inch Complete

    BELEEV Cruiser Skateboards
    • Ready to ride: Fully assembled, no setup needed
    • Sturdy & reliable: Supports up to 220 lbs, strong components
    • Smooth & fast: High-rebound wheels, ABEC-7 bearings
    • Easy control: Kick tail, anti-slip grip

    The Beleev Cruiser Skateboard for Beginners is a great option for those just starting out. It’s 27 inches long and comes with everything you need to get started, including the deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings.

    It’s a great choice for those who want an easy-to-use skateboard that is still high quality.

    Details about the product:

    • A brand called BELIEVE
    • It is purple in color
    • The age range (description) is Adult/Kid
    • The skill level ranges from beginner to expert
    • The length of the deck is 27 inches
    • The width of the deck is 8 inches
    • Ready to ride right out of the box, our cruiser skateboard is fully assembled and ready to go.
    • It has a 27″x8″ deck and an 18″ wheelbase, which makes it a blast to ride. There are plenty of spaces on top of the deck for your feet.
    • You can easily ride, control, and carry it around because it weighs only 5.0 pounds.
    • A skateboard T-tool that has everything you need to fix and tighten up your skateboard is included with the kit.
    • It is made from 7-ply Canadian Maple Wood and measures 10 mm thick, making it strong and durable to withstand riders up to 220 pounds.
    • Heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks with 5 inches of clearance make it safe and reliable even for beginners.
    • The complete skateboard is equipped with 60x45mm 78A high-rebound PU wheels, ABEC-7 bearings at high speeds, as well as a superior shock absorber, which gives you a smooth ride over curbs, bumps, and cracks.
    • As a result of the Wheel Wells and Riser Pads working together, the board is safer and more reliable since wheel bites can be prevented.



    • No flaws

    METROLLER Skateboards for Beginners,31 x 8 Complete 

    METROLLER Skateboards
    • Smooth Ride: Anti-shock wheels, stable grip
    • Better Control: Waterproof sandpaper, double kick concave.
    • Cool Patterns Design: Attractive graphics, variety of styles.
    • No assembly required: Fully assembled.

    The Metroroller Skateboard is perfect for beginners. It is a complete standard skateboard that is 31 inches long and 8 inches wide. It has 7 layers of Canadian Maple and a double kick concave design that make it perfect for kids, youth, teens, and adults.


    • METROLLER is the brand name
    • The twinkle star style
    • The age range is 5 years old and up
    • A beginner’s or an advanced’s skill level
    • 79 centimeters is the length of the deck
    • The deck width is 8 inches
    • This complete skateboard measures 31 in x 8 in and is constructed from seven layers of Canadian maple wood, matched with five-inch reinforced aluminum alloy trucks, ensuring it will provide you with a solid and reliable platform. A skateboard can carry a maximum weight of 220 pounds.
    • This skateboard has 54mm 95A High Rebound PU wheels with carbon steel high-speed mute ABEC-9 bearings coupled with PU bushings for a smooth and wear-resistant ride. It can be used on all smooth surfaces, even rough ground. Take advantage of a wonderful skate experience.
    • Featuring waterproof and high-quality sandpaper, the emery sandpaper pairs with the classic double kick concave design to provide you with better control and safety experience as well as to make it easier for you to learn more tricks.


    • The quality looks pretty solid
    • With decent bearings and a well-made deck
    • A little pricy but has great value
    • It moves super smoothly and the trucks aren’t crappy.
    • It’s a great board for a beginner!


    • No flaws

    Skateboards for Beginners, 31″x8″ Complete

    Skateboards for Beginners, 31
    • Sturdy & Reliable: 10mm thick, 7-layer maple, 220lb load, aluminum trucks
    • Smooth & Fast: Rebound wheels, ABEC-9 bearings, 2-in-1 tool
    • Controlled & Safe: Anti-slip grip, double kick concave
    • Stylish Design: Minimalist black & white graphic

    Skateboards for beginners are a great way to get started in the sport of skateboarding. A 31″x8″ complete skateboard is a great size for someone just starting out, and it’s also a great size for kids.

    The thing to keep in mind with a beginner skateboard is that you’re going to want to keep your center of gravity low to the ground, so you don’t want to go too big.

    A 31″x8″ complete skateboard is the perfect size for someone just starting out.

    Details about the product:

    • A brand called Ryvorbe
    • It’s styled as A_Shark
    • The age range (description) is youth
    • The deck measures 31 inches in length
    • The width of the deck is 8 inches
    • It is made of wood
    • Featuring 10mm thickness, 7 layers of Canadian maple, a maximum loading weight of 220 pounds, and 5” aluminum alloy trucks, this board is strong and durable.
    • It is a reliable resource for beginners as well as professionals
    • A smooth and speedy ride with extremely smooth (52mm,95A) PU wheels and ABEC-9 precision bearings.
    • Whether you’re commuting, skating, playing on a skate park, ramp, swimming pool, or over rough terrain, our wheel will give you a quick response from the ground.
    • You’ll find everything you need to tighten up or repair your skateboard in the 2-in-1 Skate Tool kit included with this board.
    • The emery sandpaper is waterproof and eco-friendly, providing strong friction and anti-slip qualities.
    • The classic double kick concave design of the emery sandpaper provides a safer experience and better control, as well as making it easier to learn tricks.
    • Suitable for beginners as well as experts


    • Minimalist Black & White graphic design, printed with a thermal transfer printing process allows greater print durability and lasts for a long time.
    • No Assembly is Required and a 100% Money Back Guarantee


    • No flaws

    ChromeWheels 31-inch Skateboards for Kids and Beginners

    This is a great skateboard for kids and beginners. It is made of 8-layer maple wood and is very durable.

    The board is 31 inches long and has a double kick design, which makes it easy to do tricks.

    Details about the product:

    • The ChromeWheels brand
    • Its color red
    • The age range (description) is Adult/Kid
    • The deck measures 79 centimeters long
    • The width of the deck is 8 inches
    • The material is aluminum and maple
    • It is ideal for beginner and pro skaters who like to do some basic stunts and tricks which makes it ideal for beginners and pros alike.
    • The skateboard’s high-density 8-layer maple wood and emery non-slip surface provide a stable and more powerful grip during skating; the Maximum load capacity is 220 pounds (100 kilograms), suitable for adults and children.
    • This longboard features 50mm anti-shock PU wheels with ABEC-7 precision bearings and PU bushings for a smooth ride on any surface.



    • No flaws

    ENJOI Skateboards WHITEY PANDA Complete SKATEBOARD New!

    ENJOI Skateboards
    • Stronger, consistent, durable
    • Lightweight, sturdy, USA-made
    • Versatile, perfect for street and park skating
    • Amphetamine bearings: High-quality, Abec 5 rated
    • Unassembled arrival: Customizable, satisfying, easy assembly

    This skateboard is from the Enjoi Whitey Panda series and it measures 7.75 inches wide. It has a black top with a white bottom and white Enjoi graphics on the deck.

    The trucks are black with white Enjoi logos and the wheels are white with black Enjoi graphics. This skateboard is perfect for beginner to intermediate-level skaters who are looking for a good quality board that won’t break the bank.

    Details about the product:

    • The Enjoi Whitey Panda deck is made of Resin 7 Construction. Resin 7 Construction is made of 100 Canadian maple veneer with Epoxy resin glue.
    • This deck includes collectively pressed parts, which guarantees that you’ll hit the same concave curves with every deck – with your deck becoming more reliable and consistent.
    • Core trucks are lightweight, and feature a design that utilizes heavy-duty aluminum and grade eight steel kingpins and axles, along with USA-made bushings and pivot cups.
    • The 52mm 99A wheels are the best for both street and park skating.
    • As the name says, stimulant bearings help speed up your wheels so that you can get the most out of them. Synthetic oil, Delrin Crowns, and Rubber Serviceable Shields are just a few of what make these time ABEC 5-rated bearings.


    • Easy to assemble!
    • Black diamond grip tape is pretty good!
    • The deck is the best part but the bearings are good too.


    • No flaws

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Which skateboards are best for beginners?

    There are a number of different types of skateboards that are best for beginners. Some of the most popular beginner skateboards include the Sector 9 Skateboard, the Park Avenue Skateboard, and the Donut Board.

    Which skateboard is best for beginners and adults?

    There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for another.

    However, some general tips that may help include opting for a skateboard with wider trucks and softer wheels, as these will make it easier to balance and control.

    Additionally, it is important to choose a board that is the right size for your height and weight – too small or too large a board can be difficult to control.

    With all of this in mind, some good beginner skateboards for adults include the Dusters California Cruiser Complete Skateboard and the Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard.

    Which skateboard is best for beginner kids?

    There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on various factors such as the child’s age, skating ability, and personal preferences.

    However, some general tips that may help include choosing a board that is not too large or too small for the child, and one with softer wheels which will make it easier to control.

    Additionally, it is important to make sure that the child is wearing proper safety gear before letting them loose on a skateboard.

    What is a good beginner skateboard for an 8-year-old?

    A good beginner skateboard for an 8-year-old is one that is comfortable and easy to control. Look for a board with smooth wheels and a wide deck that will provide stability while skating.

    Avoid boards with sharp edges or small wheels, as these can be difficult to control.


    There’s no need to spend a fortune on a new skateboard if your child is just starting out on a skateboarding journey. Amazon has plenty of affordable boards that can help your child get started.