Kneepads And Elbow Pads For Skateboarding

The sport of skateboarding is incredibly dangerous, so it is very important to be careful while skating. One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself is to use kneepads and elbow pads for skateboarding.

Pads for knees and elbows protect your elbows from injury.

A guide to sizing knee pads for skateboards

There are a few things you need to know when it comes to skateboard knee pad sizing charts.

First and foremost, always go by the size chart that your skateboard brand recommends.

Secondly, ensure that the knee pads correctly fit your body type.

Finally, remember to always wear a padded helmet if you are skating after dark or if you are using any hard surfaces on your skateboard.

Best kneepads and elbow pads for skateboarding(follow me)

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best kneepads and elbow pads for skateboarding. The first is the level of protection you need.

If you are a beginner, you will likely need less protection than if you are an experienced skateboarder. Second, consider the size and fit of the pads.

Make sure they are comfortable and will stay in place while you are skating. Finally, think about the style of the pads.

There are many different designs and colors to choose from, so pick something that you like and that will look good with your skateboard setup.

Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set with Kneesavers, Elbow savers, and Wristsavers


The Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set with Kneesavers, Elbow savers, and Wristsavers is a great way to protect your body while skating.

The pads are made of high-quality materials. They offer great protection for your knees, elbows, and wrists. The pads are comfortable to wear and they stay in place while skating.

The Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set is a great choice for any skater who wants to stay safe on the ice.



  • A brand called Triple Eight
  • It is black in color
  • The material consists of foam padding and polycarbonate
  • The type of closure is hook and loop
  • A variety of sports are available, such as cycling, snowboarding, skating, and outdoor activities
  • The product is suitable for roller sports, inline skating (roller blading), and other sports involving rollers.
  • For skating, biking, and roller derby, this convenient protective pad set includes knee-saver knee pads, elbow saver elbow pads, and wrist-saver wrist guards.
  • For knee savers and elbow savers, wear JR in one size for kids ages 5-8, and SM/M/LG in one size for adults.
  • A Junior Wristsaver will fit hands between 6-7 inches, A Small Wristsaver will fit hands between 7-8 inches, a Medium Wristsaver will fit hands between 8-9 inches, and a Large Wristsaver will fit hands between 9-10 inches


  • Wrist guards offer rigid support and protection with high-density
  • All pads feature an easy on
  • Adjustable hook and loop closures that ensure a secure fit
  • Off-sleeveless design and wide, reinforced elastic straps


  • No flaws

Triple Eight Street Knee Pads for Skateboarding

If you’re looking for a top-quality pair of knee pads for skateboarding. Roller derby, you can’t go wrong with Triple Eight’s Street Knee Pads.

The material is sturdy, so it will withstand plenty of use. And tear and feature adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different body types.


  • High-density, contoured EVA foam and impact-resistant polyethylene caps make these multi-sport knee pads ideal for children, youth, and adults
  • This skateboard is ideal for kids, youths, and adults; you can skateboard, roller skate, or bike on it
  • Design features an ergonomic closing system that makes getting on and off easier
  • The size is X- Small which will fit 11-12.5,
  • Small which will fit 12.5-14.5 inches (32-36 cm)
  • Medium which will fit 14.5-16 inches (36-40 cm)
  • Large which will fit 16-17 inches (40-44 cm)


  • They are adjustable to fit any size person.
  • They are comfortable to wear, and they provide good protection from injury.


  • They may not be the best choice for someone who is very achieved or who has high speeds on their skates, and they may be too expensive for some people.

BOSONER Adult/Child Knee Pads Elbow Pads 

Bosoner protective gear is perfect for a variety of sports, including biking, skateboarding, inline skating, and scootering.

The knee and elbow pads provide great protection for kids and adults alike, while the wrist guards are perfect for youth and adults who want to stay safe while enjoying their favorite outdoor activities.

This set is a must-have for anyone who loves to stay active outdoors!


  • A brand called BOSONER
  • The age range of the child (description)
  • The material is foam and ethylene vinyl acetate
  • Kids sports safety protective gear designed specifically for ice and roller cycling, skating,
  • Skateboarding, hoverboarding, biking, cycling, skating, rolling, ATV, BMX, and other extreme sports for adults and children.
  • This lightweight, ventilated EVA foam cup has an adjustable elastic strap for maximum comfort.
  • It also has a thickening design for good protection during sports.


  • As a gift, it’s a great choice for Children’s Day. Birthdays, or Christmas.
  • Protective Gear Set: 2pcs Knee pad, 2pcs elbow pad, 2pcs wrist pad, size.

  • The pad would make a bit of compression to the body for safety reasons.

187 Killer Pads Skateboarding Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, and Wrist Guards

187 Killer Pads Skateboarding Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, and Wrist Guards, the Six Pack Pad Set is one of the best skateboarding pads available in the market.

It offers great protection to your knee pads elbow pads, and wrists while skating. The pads are made of high-quality materials and are very comfortable to wear. They are also very easy to adjust and fit perfectly.


  • A killer pad is a brand 187 Product. 
  • The color of the STAAB is purple .
  • Range of ages (Description): Adults .
  • The item weighs 750 grams.
  • The material is plastic.
  • In terms of materials, it consists of 30% polyester, 20% polyethylene, 20% EVA foam, 10% polypropylene 10% neoprene, 7% polyurethane , and 3% Thread label.
  • Form-fitting design cradle keens.


  • Absorbs hard impacts with superior foam technology
  • Increased mobility due to streamlined design and shape 
  • Providing maximum comfort, the interior finish is seamless 
  • Reduce bulk with size-specific caps


  • No Flaws

G-Form Pro-Rugged Elbow Pad(1 Pair)

G-Form Pro-Rugged Elbow Pad is a pair of elbow pads that offer protection and comfort. They are made of a soft, comfortable material that is breathable and has moisture-wicking properties.

The pads have a contoured fit that hugs the elbow and provides extra support. They are easy to put on and take off, and they stay in place during activity.


  • This is Brand G-Form.
  • Size small for adults
  • The age range (description) is adult
  • It is black in color
  • The blend of materials
  • The number of units is 1


  • Protect yourself from falls with SmartFlex impact pads that react to your body’s shape and absorb the impact
  • Featuring Armortex technology, these pads resist tearing and catching
  • It is adjustable and provides a secure and comfortable fit
  • An inner and outer gripper pad distributes pressure and keeps pads in place during use
  • Cooling and drying mesh back


  • Arms always feel like they are overheating compared to the rest of body.

80Six Pad Set with Wristguards, Elbow Pads, and Knee Pads

The 80Six Pad Set with Wristguards, Elbow Pads, and Knee Pads is a great set of pads for those who are looking for protection while skating. The pads are made of high-quality materials and offer a great deal of protection to the wearer. The pads are also comfortable to wear and do not restrict movement.


  • For bike riding, skateboarding, rollerblading, longboarding, hoverboarding, scootering, skating, and other outdoor activities, kids can use wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads.
  • EVA foam shock absorbs impact for comfort and mobility; nylon body provides durability and abrasion resistance.
  • A protective cap made of high-density, impact-resistant material is securely anchored with reinforced rivets for maximum protection; Elbow pads, wrist guards, and knee pads are well fitted with a top and bottom strap for a comfortable fit.
  • Triple 8 and 187 Killer Pads are designed and made with care in New York
  • It covers most kids’ wrists between 8 and 9 inches (20.5-23cm); it covers elbows and knees as well.


  • All of the parts fit perfectly!
  • Fits perfect good quality no complaints
  • A nice cheap set of pads that work awesome


  • No flaws

Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set with Kneesavers, Elbow savers

The Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set with Kneesavers, Elbowsavers and Wristsavers is a great way to protect yourself while skating. The pads are made of high-quality materials and are very comfortable to wear. The set includes knee, elbow, and wrist pads, all of which are adjustable so you can get the perfect fit. The pads are also very stylish and come in a variety of colors, so you can find the perfect set to match your personality.

Details about the product:

  • It is Brand Triple Eight
  • Tie-dye in color
  • The material is plastic
  • The type of closure is hook and loop
  • The types of sports I like to participate in include cycling, snowboarding, skateboarding, and outdoor activities
  • The product should be used for skateboarding, in-line skating, rollerblading, roller skating, and biking
  • Wristsaver wrist guards, Elbow saver elbow pads, and Kneesaver knee pads make a convenient protective set for skating, riding, and roller derby.
  • A high-grade durable fabric is used to make both kneepads and elbow pads, which have EVA foam padding and polycarbonate full-coverage caps to provide superior protection without restricting movement.
  • Protect your wrist with high-density, impact-resistant molded ABS splints that are lined with nylon mesh for a snug fit


  • They give you the feeling that you are falling into clouds. A great value for the money!
  • Looks like a pretty decent set of protective gear


  • You should be aware of the size when purchasing these, but I highly recommend them.

JBM Adult/Child Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist

The BM Adult/Child Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards 3 in-1, Protective Gear Set is perfect for multi-sports like skateboarding, inline roller skating, cycling, biking, and BMX.

The pads are comfortable to wear and provide great protection for your knees, elbows, and wrists. They are easy to put on and take off, and they stay in place while you’re active.

The set comes with a handy carrying bag so you can take it with you wherever you go.


  • JBM International is a brand
  • The age range (description) of the youth
  • It is yellow in color
  • Skateboarding gear that is popular for skating as well as other activities
  • Suitable materials include polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, plastic, ethylene vinyl acetate, and nylon.
  • A good choice for inline skating, riding bikes, scooters, and other extreme sports
  • A size of 12.01 x 8.58 x 3.31 inches is the product dimension.


    • Designed for youth and children Wrist guard, kneepads, and elbow pads are included
    • The EVA padding is durable and soft, and the plastic plates are tough

Various sizes of elastic straps fit various knee circumferences


  • It has been two weeks since the kneepads were used regularly and they are already rippling.

PHZ. Knee Pads Kids/Youth/Adult Protective Gear

The PHZ. Knee Pads are perfect for children and adults who love to skateboard, roller skate, bike, and ride their bikes on inclined surfaces.

The knee pads provide great protection while skating or biking.

With six different pads that fit different riding needs, the set comes with everything you need to have optimum protection when taking care of your body and loved ones.


  • It is a brand called PHZ.
  • It is a soft pink color.
  • The material is polyester
  • Skateboarding and cycling are sports types
  • It measures 11x8x3.5 inches in length, width, and height
  • An abrasion-resistant and durable PP shell is combined with a thickened EVA layer that effectively absorbs shock.
  • The PHK elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards and elbow pads are perfect for protecting kids, youth, and adults from injuries during multi-sport activities.
  • Sleeves and bandages can be worn with the protective gear in two different ways.
  • The knee pads elbow pads wrist guards are fitted with adjustable elastic straps and Velcro closures to ensure a good fit for children, teens, and adults.
  • Knee pads are available in a variety of sizes that will fit a girl, boy, teen, woman, and man.
  • Including elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards, this package gives you safety and comfort for outdoor sports.
  • CE certification has been granted to these skating pads.


    • It has breathable lining fabrics and ventilation polyester.
    • A comfortable and safe knee elbow and wrist guard for skateboarding, bicycling, climbing, skating, rolling, and other extreme sports

On Birthdays, Christmas, or Children’s Day, PHZ. Protective gear sets make wonderful gifts for boys, girls, teens, youth, and adults.



  • Adult-size elbow and knee pads are very tight and uncomfortable.

Protective Knee Pads, Thick Sponge Anti-slip


There are many benefits to wearing protective knee pads, especially if you are involved in activities that put you at risk for knee injuries. Knee pads can help to avoid collisions and other impacts that could injure your knees.

They can also help to keep your knees warm and protected from the elements. Knee pads can be made from a variety of materials, but they should always be thick and spongey to provide the best protection possible.


  • This brand is Bodyprox
  • This color is black
  • The material of the product is Eva, Sponge, Foam, Polyester, Spandex, Rubber, Nylon, and Polyester.
  • The closure type is pull-on
  • It measures 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches in length, width, and height
  • The item is a pair of kneepads (left and right), with a Unisex design, available in two sizes. A blend of 45% polyester, 25% rubber, and 30% EVA.
  • Exercise should be performed with knee protection and prevention. The purpose of this is to keep warm, prevent stiff muscles and joints, and reduce their stiffness. Increases blood circulation and effectively protects against impact.


  • The high-density foam keeps the skin dry and comfortable. The fabric keeps the skin breathable and keeps the skin hydrated.
  • A super lightweight, ergonomic design provides freedom of movement.
  • For outdoor sports, this knee protector is ideal.
  • The grip is excellent, and the non-slip feature is great!
  • You can easily put on the knee pads and forget that you’re wearing them!
  • As the knee cup firmly hugs the knee, no constant re-adjustment is required!


  • The knee pads are comfortable and thick, however after two weeks of daily wrestling practice, the padding has flattened out and will not puff up again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should you wear kneepads when skating?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the type of ice and the skaters’ preferences. However, many skaters recommend wearing kneepads when skating on harder surfaces such as asphalt or concrete.

What are the best elbow pads for skateboarding?

There are many different types of elbow pads, so it is important to find the right one for you. Some good options include those with a hard surface to protect your skin and a water-repellent coating to keep you dry.

Do knee and elbow pads help?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the benefits and drawbacks of knee and elbow pads vary depending on the person’s specific situation. However, many people believe that knee and elbow pads can help protect against injuries, particularly if worn regularly. Knee and elbow pads protect the arms and legs from bone injuries.

Are elbow guards worth it?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the benefits and drawbacks of elbow guards will vary depending on the individual.

However, some people may find that they are worth the investment, while others may not find them necessary. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they think elbow guards are worth their time and money.

What is the most important protective gear for skateboarding?

There is no one answer to this question as different skateboarding events and locations require different protective gear. However, some common items that people may need when skating include a helmet, a long-sleeved shirt, and pants.


I hope in this article, there are various options for kneepads and elbow pads for skateboarding. Yes, elbow pads and kneepads are a great addition to skateboarding.

As well as protecting your elbow, they make the experience more enjoyable. If you’re considering purchasing one, be sure to do your research and choose the right option for your needs.