Why Is Skateboarding Not Allowed In Public Places?

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As we all know skateboards are cool. They are enjoyable to do and when you market yourself properly you can make a good amount of money out of them.

However, one thing that may dampen your love for skating is the fact that it’s not allowed in public places.

Many cities have banned skateboarding from their streets due to safety concerns or worries about vandalism and others even prohibit any kind of wheels except smooth ones!

This article will discuss deeply why this practice is very irritating and why Is skateboarding not allowed In public Places. And how to get around it. So stay tuned and read on!


Some people see skateboards as a safety hazard

Most people perceive skateboarders as reckless individuals who care only about fun rather than being attentive to the surrounding environment. However not always.

Skateboarders take lots of precautions while riding or doing anything else with a board. For instance, they will frequently check that there are no obstacles in place before attempting something new.

Often times they would try finding an open space far from busy roads so that they don’t have to be worried about being hit by a car.

Why street skating is such a big problem?

Even in the absence of cars, however, they will use common sense and avoid any chance of accidents by sticking strictly to nighttime, or off-hours only.

These things could just be avoided easily which makes some people ask themselves why street skating is such a big deal.

There were several cases whereby skateboarders got hurt because of bad road conditions or unsafe behavior but this rarely happens.

On top of everything else even if some bad apples exist this should not justify banning all forms no skateboarding simply because they feel uncomfortable or scared for some riders.

It is crucial to remember personal preference among other factors is one of the main reasons why some would opt to learn how to ride a skateboard at private and public parks.

What you cannot do intentionally, however, is throw your board down or walk away while it’s rolling.

Skateparks are hard to find

Finding a good skatepark can be difficult especially outside of major metropolitan areas. Several attempts have been made in the past to establish urban design skateparks only to fizzle out due either lack of interest or funding.

Many people love going to the beach or pool occasionally so why not just make our own beaches and pools by having an organized place for skating events? This might create a sense of unity and empathy among all the skaters!

Allow skateboarding law

However, this isn’t possible without legalizing skateboarding as a sport first. Currently, riding a board down any road or using sidewalks, streets, and any other paved surfaces for skateboarding is illegal in many places.

Using boards as vehicles or weapons is against the law too. The rules regulating skateboarding were put into place because of safety concerns. If they don’t want you doing something they will try stopping you!

This article discusses several reasons why making skateboarding a legalized sport will aid in fostering socialization, health, and self-expression.

Additionally, such events would generate much-needed cash flow for cities that sponsor them.

Why sports are important

Our society is greatly influenced by popular sports. Teamwork, discipline, responsibility, and how to achieve goals are some of the lessons that can be learned from there.

They contribute to the local economy by creating jobs as well as spending at sporting goods stores.

Furthermore, they provide an avenue through which people can let off steam or dissipate excess energy.

There are many sports that are not allowed in public places

Which of these sports do you think are banned in certain areas? Can you guess?

Ride a skateboard bylaw

Skating is one of these activities; it is illegal to skate outside your house unless it is on private property. This includes sidewalks, street courses, parks etcetera.

Why this law? Well, most municipalities do not want skateboarders in their streets or other outdoor spaces because drivers may be hurt.

Staying safe becomes very hard when many unskilled skaters don’t understand road conditions and traffic issues.

However, there are still ways to enjoy skateboarding outside but you have to know what the rules are like.

People think skaters are a risk to others

When two pedestrians or a car collide with a skateboard many individuals feel that they pose risks. Sometimes this is true!

The skateboarder does take risks when performing tricks on his board but only within seconds at a time.

There’s no way of knowing if this was done out of hatred for how someone was rolling around or just pure stupidity though.

A few times reckless moves have caused skateboarders themselves injury or others’, cases which occur but seldomly.

You may damage property

As we all know skateboards aren’t portable at all. It’s a choice between having wheels or having a board. If you don’t own property now, look for one soon!

Therefore, without any place to put them, you have no choice other than parking/board it outside or in the garage. Unless you are lucky enough to live somewhere with popular parks like beaches and lakes, it will be very costly.

Paying extra to leave your board somewhere nearby is most likely not an option anywhere close by. Therefore, many people feel that it is illegal to practice skateboarding in public places because of this.

Some towns charge beach or poolside skateboarders per hour for using parking spaces where they can put their boards.

The government may get sued

United States Senate passed a bill in 2006 that attempted to ban skateboards from being ridden on public sidewalks and streets.

The vote was 52-50Yes at the Congress level with only one member voting otherwise. In the US Congress, more than fifty votes suffice for an amendment to go through!

However, even after two decades, this legislation hasn’t been able to become law due to some individuals’ willingness to engage in legal battles.

Just last month, in fact, there were two major lawsuits filed! The first one was against the City of Los Angeles for permitting illegal sidewalk board riding within its jurisdiction while the other one was by the Federal Government against people accused of illegal street boarding across state lines.

Whenever you have anger or want to sue someone, be sure your attorney checks for cases like yours so that they don’t take you by surprise when you bring up the argument.

You may trespass the law

Why can’t skateboarding occur in public places? It seems like such an innocent thing to do yet some actions are considered unlawful while skating.

Usually, this is a criminal offense where laws have been violated by performing tricks on sidewalks or streets.

There have also been instances where speeding drivers would trespass using them as cover and skim past them at high speed to see a skater perform a trick.

Either of these offenses might result in large fines for violating the law!

An additional major factor why skateboards are not allowed in certain areas is many cities think they endanger pedestrians’ lives.

Even though no verified evidence has ever proven this, most police departments believe it is due to many beginner riders not having enough knowledge on how to properly navigate their board.

Some argue that even if nobody suffered an injury, informing young children about safety precautions could still prevent any future injuries from happening as a result of stunts gone wrong.


Skating is enjoyed by many people. Some individuals take it as a profession traveling across the country participating in competitions while others just enjoy doing it for fun.

Accessibility is one of the best things about skating because anyone can do it at any time anywhere they want.

You don’t need very expensive equipment when starting and neither should you live near water bodies or beaches in order to practice your tricks.

Since skating does not require too much technology or machinery, there are several places where practicing could be done.

However, some people might feel limited in what they can do because many places prohibit skates. This might make them stop practicing or even quit all forms of board sports.

why is skateboarding illegal in public places?

Public skateboarding is not allowed because it may be risky for both the skateboarder and other individuals around him. A skater who falls or hits someone else can easily get injured if he/she is not wearing proper safety equipment.

Apart from that, skateboards scratch sidewalks and leave wheel marks on walls which damage property.

In addition to blocking pathways, these things can disrupt pedestrians and vehicle traffic which pose risks to others’ lives altogether.

As a result, many cities have taken steps to limit or prohibit skateboarding in public locations for the safety of all involved.

Some may argue that it is reasonable to ban skateboards since they place pedestrians at the mercy of careless riders. This however only serves to prove why more adults need some skating skills!

Public bans on skating discourage the self-expression of skaters. Also, it does not give young children who may want to become professional skaters a chance to know about the sport.


Skateboarding is a common thing done in public places. But then again, there is also some downside of it and thus for some, they feel that skateboarding should be banned in public places.

On one hand, skateboarding can be an enjoyable recreational exercise for all ages that helps to keep them physically fit and active.

On the other hand, skateboarders are often an annoyance through noise pollution and at times posing danger to pedestrians or defacing the public property.

Ultimately this depends on whether an individual wants to ban it from happening in these areas or not as he weighs between the positive and negative sides of such moves.

Pros involve having fun while engaging in this recreational activity while cons revolve around potential threats to safety and damage to properties.

Photo by Kirk Morales on Unsplash

Is it illegal to skateboard on public property?

Skateboarding on public property has always been a divisive issue.

Normally, skateboarding is generally not illegal on public property but it may be prohibited in certain localities.

It’s important before starting any skateboarding activities therefore one needs to know what their local municipalities recommend because bylaws differ from one jurisdiction to another.

At times municipal governments outlaw skateboarding in parks and other public facilities due to matters of safety while others do so because of surface damage resulting from the usage of boards by skateboarders within such places.

In some cases, skateboarders need elbow pads, helmets, and other types of gear whereas there are those regions that prohibit particular tricks or stunts performed by skateboarders within limits set by municipal authorities.

For instance whether or not one can use a given part of public land for skateboard games should be well known once you read posted notices that show this information correctly displayed.

Thus it would be wise to check local laws before attempting to skateboard in a public place since non-compliance can lead to fines and even arrests.


Skateboarding is a popular sport that all ages enjoy. However, when it comes to granting access to skateboarding in public places, the sport faces challenges.

Some cities have prohibited skateboarding due to safety concerns, property damage, or interruptions of pedestrians and traffic.

These bans are annoying for those who love skating and limit freedom of expression. The issue of whether skateboarding should be banned in public places has pros like recreational benefits whereas there are also cons such as safety issues and property damages.

Different areas have different rules and regulations concerning skateboarding on public land; therefore one must follow these guidelines to avoid fines or legal problems.

In many communities, striking a balance between accommodating skateboarders while ensuring public safety remains an uphill task.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is skateboarding a high-risk sport?

Not utilizing helmets and pads increases the potentiality of falls hence making skating risky business though with proper safety precautions taken into consideration then the risk involved can become minimal thus turning out into a safe game played by everyone including younger ones.

Is skateboarding only for boys?

Skateboarding is not exclusive to boys; it’s a sport and recreational activity for people of all genders. Skateboarding is enjoyed by both boys and girls, and it promotes inclusivity and diversity within the skateboarding community.

Which law is skateboarding?

Skateboarding is not exempt from girls; rather, it’s a sport and leisure activity that is fit for people of all sexes. Even though boys as well as girls enjoy skateboarding, it promotes consistency and diversity among participants of skateboarding.

Is skateboarding a sport yes or no?

Skateboarding is treated as a game but many people also take part in it as a way of having fun and a lifestyle.