Skateboard Elbow And Knee Pads

Hey parents, are you worried about your child getting injured while skateboarding? Protecting your child’s elbows and knees is just as important as protecting their head.

In this article, I will share the importance of wearing skateboard elbow and knee pads while skateboarding, the science behind their safety, and how to choose the right ones for your child’s needs.

Let’s ensure your child’s safety while they have fun skateboarding!

Importance of wearing protective gear

When it comes to skateboarding, safety should always come first. Wearing protective gear like elbow and knee pads is crucial in preventing injuries, especially for kids who are just starting to learn the sport.

As a parent, you want to make sure your child is safe and protected while enjoying their skateboard. By investing in the right protective gear, you can ensure that your child will be able to skate confidently and without the risk of serious injury.

In this article, I’ll take a closer look at the importance of wearing skateboard elbow and knee pads, as well as the different types of protective gear available on the market.

What are skateboard elbow pads?

When it comes to skateboarding, protecting your elbows is just as important as protecting your head. That’s where skateboard elbow pads come in!

Elbow pads are a type of protective gear that is designed to protect your child’s elbows in case of a fall or accident. They are typically made from durable materials like hard plastic or foam and are designed to fit snugly around the elbow to provide maximum protection.

If your child is just starting out with skateboarding or is still learning new tricks, it’s important to invest in a good pair of elbow pads to help prevent injuries and keep them safe on the board.

What are skateboard knee pads?

Skateboarding is a fun and thrilling activity, but it can also be dangerous if proper safety measures aren’t taken. One of the most important pieces of protective gear for skateboarders is knee pads.

These pads are designed to provide cushioning and support for your knees in case of falls or collisions. They typically feature a hard plastic outer shell and soft foam interior to absorb impact.

Wearing knee pads while skateboarding can prevent serious injuries to the knees, which are vulnerable to cuts, scrapes, and bruises from falls.

In this article, I’ll dive deeper into the benefits of skateboard knee pads and how to choose the right ones for you or your child.

Benefits of wearing elbow and knee pads

Wearing elbow and knee pads while skateboarding has many benefits. First and foremost, it helps to protect your child from injuries.

Pads provide a layer of cushioning that absorbs the impact of falls, reducing the risk of cuts, scrapes, bruises, and even fractures.

They also help to prevent the development of serious conditions like bursitis or tendonitis, which can be caused by repeated impacts on the joints.

Additionally, wearing pads can increase your child’s confidence and willingness to try new tricks, knowing that they are protected.

Investing in protective gear like elbow and knee pads is a smart way to ensure that your child can safely enjoy the sport they love.

Types of elbow and knee pads

When it comes to elbow and knee pads for skateboarding, there are several different types to choose from. Some are designed for maximum protection, while others prioritize comfort and flexibility.

Hard-shell pads are typically made with a plastic or metal outer shell for superior protection against impact.

Soft-shell pads, on the other hand, are made with foam padding and a stretchy fabric outer layer that allows for greater flexibility and ease of movement.

Some pads even come with additional features such as ventilation holes, adjustable straps, and anti-microbial linings.

It’s important to find the right type of pad that suits your child’s needs and preferences while providing the necessary protection to keep them safe while skateboarding.

How to choose the right size pads

When it comes to choosing the right size elbow and knee pads for your child, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, make sure to measure the circumference of your child’s knee and elbow to ensure the pads will fit properly. You should also consider the type of skating your child will be doing and choose pads that are appropriate for their activity level.

It’s important to note that the pads should fit snugly, but not be too tight or too loose. A properly fitting pad will provide the best protection for your child’s elbows and knees while they skate.

Proper fitting and adjustment of pads

When it comes to wearing elbow and knee pads, it’s not just about having them on – it’s about having them fit correctly. A properly fitting pad provides the best protection for your child while they’re skateboarding.

First, make sure to measure your child’s knee and elbow circumference to determine the right size. Once you have the right size, adjust the straps until the pad fits snugly but comfortably.

The pads should not be too loose that they move around or too tight that they restrict movement. Encourage your child to try on and adjust their pads before every skate session to ensure they are correctly fitted.

A well-fitted pad will give your child the confidence they need to skate safely and enjoyably.

Certification standards for pads

When it comes to buying elbow and knee pads for skateboarding, you want to make sure you’re investing in quality gear that will actually protect your child.

That’s where certification standards come in. The industry has certain safety standards that pads must meet in order to be considered safe and effective.

Look for certifications like the CE mark or ASTM rating when shopping for pads. These certifications mean that the pads have been rigorously tested and proven to offer the protection they claim.

By investing in certified pads, you can feel confident that your child’s safety is a top priority.

Maintenance and replacement of pads

It’s important to properly maintain your child’s elbow and knee pads to ensure they’re always providing the necessary protection. After every use, inspect the pads for any signs of damage or wear and tear.

Clean them regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and store them in a cool, dry place. When it’s time to replace them, make sure you choose high-quality pads that meet the necessary safety standards.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to your child’s safety, and always make sure they’re wearing properly fitted and maintained elbow and knee pads while skateboarding.


 Skateboard elbow and knee pads are an essential part of skating safety. They protect your child from potential injuries and provide peace of mind while they enjoy their favorite sport.

With various types and sizes available, it’s important to choose the right ones that fit your child comfortably and are certified for safety standards.

Maintaining and replacing pads regularly will ensure they remain effective in protecting your child. Remember, the investment in protective gear is worth it when it comes to keeping your child safe and happy while skating.

FAQ: frequently asked question

Why do I need elbow and knee pads when skateboarding?

Elbow and knee pads provide vital protection for your joints during falls and crashes. They help prevent painful scrapes, bruises, and more severe injuries by cushioning impacts.

What should I look for when choosing elbow and knee pads for skateboarding?

Opt for pads with durable outer shells made from materials like hard plastic or impact-resistant foam. Look for adjustable straps to ensure secure fit and padded interiors for comfort.

Can I use the same pads for both street skating and vert skating?

While similar, the intensity of street skating and vert skating can differ. For vert skating, you might prioritize more substantial padding due to potential higher falls, while street skating pads might focus on mobility and flexibility.

How should elbow and knee pads fit for optimal protection?

Elbow pads should cover the entire elbow joint, and knee pads should fully protect the kneecap and extend slightly above and below it. The pads should fit snugly without restricting movement or causing discomfort.

Are there specific certifications I should look for in elbow and knee pads?

Look for pads that adhere to safety standards like ASTM F1447 for elbow pads and ASTM F1952 for knee pads. These certifications ensure the pads meet specific impact protection criteria.