Skateboard For Bowls 

I tell you about skateboard for bowls. Long roads and ramps that only slope on one side are not great for skateboarders. If you like exciting rides and use your skateboard a lot, you might not like these setups. Instead, you might go to a cool skatepark and try something new, like skateboarding in a bowl and pool.

Best Setup For Bowl Skating

Before you try this tricky skateboard challenge, you need to get the right skateboard setup for the pool and bowls. Here are some things to keep in mind when setting up your skateboard for bowl and pool skating.

Selecting the Appropriate Skateboard Deck Size for Enhanced Bowl Riding

First, you should choose the right size skateboard deck. A deck that’s a bit wider can give you more stability when you’re in riding bowls. This helps you balance better and do tricks with more control.

Top Skateboard Deck Brands for Optimal Bowl Skating Performance

Indeed, here are a few popular skateboard deck brands that are known for their best board for bowl skating:

  1. Santa Cruz
  2. Creature
  3. Powell Peralta
  4. Anti-Hero
  5. Baker
  6. Welcome Skateboards
  7. Deathwish
  8. Black Label
  9. Toy Machine
  10. Tony Hawk

These brands offer a variety of deck shapes and sizes that can work well for bowl skating. Remember to choose a deck size that provides stability and control while riding in the bowl.

Optimizing Skateboard Trucks for Skate Bowl: The Role of Truck Tightness

Next, pay attention to the trucks of your skateboard. These are the metal parts that hold the wheels to the deck. For bowl skating, looser trucks are often better. Loose trucks let you turn more easily and make quick moves, which are important in a bowl where the terrain is curved.

Best Skateboard Truck Brands for Bowl Skating: Enhancing Maneuverability and Turning

here are some well-regarded skateboard truck brands that are often favored for bowl skating: Independent Trucks (often referred to as “Indy”)

  1. Thunder Trucks
  2. Venture Trucks
  3. Krux Trucks
  4. Atlas Truck 

These brands offer trucks that vary in tightness and responsiveness. For bowl skating, you generally want trucks that are a bit looser, as they allow for better turning and maneuverability on curved surfaces. Remember to adjust the tightness of your trucks to suit your preferences and the type of bowl you’re skating in.

Optimal Skateboard Wheels and Bearings for Bowl Skating Performance

The wheels also matter. Bigger and softer wheels are usually preferred for bowl skating. Bigger wheels can roll over bumps and cracks more smoothly, and softer wheels provide a better grip on the smooth surface of the bowl.

Don’t forget about the bearings that go inside the wheels. Good bearings help your wheels spin freely, which makes your rides smoother and faster. Look for high-quality bearings to improve your bowl skating experience.

Best Wheels for Skating: Optimal Wheels for Control and Grip

Certainly, here are some reputable skateboard wheel brands that are known for offering wheels suitable for bowl skating:

  1. Bones Wheels
  2. Spitfire Wheels
  3. Ricta Wheels
  4. OJ Wheels (OJ’s)
  5. Santa Cruz Wheels
  6. Powell Peralta Wheels

When choosing wheels for bowl skating, look for larger and slightly softer wheels. Bigger wheels can handle the terrain of the bowl more effectively, and softer wheels provide better grip and a smoother ride on the bowl’s surface.

Prioritizing Safety: Essential Gear for Bowl Skateboarding Adventures

Lastly, think about your safety gear. Since bowl skating can be challenging, wearing a helmet and pads is a smart idea. They can protect you from falls and injuries while you’re trying out new moves.

Absolutely, here’s a list of essential safety gear for bowl skating:

  1. Helmet: A certified skateboard helmet is crucial for protecting your head from potential impacts and falls. Look for a well-fitting helmet that meets safety standards.
  2. Knee Pads: Knee pads offer cushioning and protection for your knees, which can be especially important when attempting tricks and maneuvers in a bowl.
  3. Elbow Pads: Elbow pads help prevent injuries to your elbows and arms during falls or collisions.
  4. Wrist Guards: Wrist guards are designed to support your wrists and help prevent fractures or sprains in case you fall and try to brace yourself.
  5. Protective Gloves: Gloves with palm sliders can be beneficial for protecting your hands and palms during slides or falls.
  6. Ankle Braces: For extra ankle support, you might consider wearing ankle braces to reduce the risk of twisting or spraining your ankles.

Remember that safety gear is crucial for minimizing the risk of injuries while bowl skating. It’s a good idea to invest in high-quality protective equipment and wear it consistently to ensure a safer skating experience.


In short, when preparing your skateboard for bowl skating, think about the deck size, truck tightness, wheel size and softness, bearings, and safety gear. Getting these things right will help you have an awesome time riding in the skate bowl and trying out different tricks.

FAQ: frequently asked questions

What’s the best skateboard deck size for bowl skating?

Answer: Optimal deck size for bowl skating depends on personal preference, but a slightly wider deck often provides better stability. Typically, decks around 8.5 to 9 inches wide are popular among bowl skaters.

How do looser skateboard trucks help in bowl skating?

Answer: Looser trucks allow for easier turning and quick maneuvers, which are essential for navigating curved terrains in bowls. They enhance your ability to carve and perform tricks within the bowl.

What types of wheels are recommended for bowl skating?

Answer: Larger and slightly softer wheels are ideal for bowl skating. Bigger wheels roll smoothly over surface imperfections, while softer wheels offer better grip on the smooth bowl surface, ensuring better control and stability.

Why are quality bearings important for bowl skating?

Answer: Good bearings facilitate smooth and efficient wheel movement, resulting in smoother and faster rides. High-quality bearings reduce friction, enhance speed, and contribute to an overall improved bowl skating experience.

Why is safety gear crucial for bowl skating?

Answer: Bowl skating involves challenges and potential risks. Wearing a helmet and protective pads (knee, elbow, and wrist) is essential to minimize the risk of injuries. Safety gear safeguards you against falls and allows you to explore new tricks with more confidence.

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