When To Start Buying Baby Stuff – The Ultimate Guide

Start Buying baby stuff before 12 weeks?

Amazon Baby Wishlist Editor’s Note: Whilst there are a million baby products you don’t need to buy everything at once.

Knowing which products to buy at which stage is very crucial. And every baby grows up in his/her own special way. 

From the moment you see those two lines on the pregnancy test your whole world changes. The happiness of becoming new parents is such a blessing but at the same time, this feeling can also be overwhelming.

Apart from your hospital rounds, the monthly check-ups and most importantly the unbearable pain, one thing that’s always on your mind is the long never-ending list of baby stuff.

According to a US Department of Agriculture report, an average middle-class family spends between $12,000 and $14,000 on child expenses each year.

For newborns, the cost is even higher (talk about high maintenance) If you’re a first-time parent and have no idea what and when to start buying baby stuff, here’s everything you need to know.


Editor’s Note: Whilst there are a million baby products you don’t need to buy everything at once. Knowing which products to buy at which stage is very crucial. And every baby grows up in his/her own special way. 

Some babies might not need the products that one has used and some might not even use the basic stuff required by an infant. 

The following is a breakdown of what you will need and when to buy this baby stuff.


What to Buy Baby Stuff When Your Baby Arrives

Infants usually fall under the age bracket from the moment they are born till they’re a year old or so.

Many sources have different definitions of how long can a child be called an infant but this is the most common assumption. The most basic essentials that you will need are as follows:

Time to Change the Nappy

This part can be most challenging for first-timers as the baby needs a change round the clock and there’s no way of knowing exactly when the baby needs to go.

A most common way is to track his feeding habits to track how many times a baby needs to go, after it even then it is very hard to know the pattern as it changes almost every day.

The average baby goes through eight to 12 diapers a day, which, according to the National Diaper Bank Network, can cost up to $70 to $80 per month.

According to some sources parents spend the most on Diapers compared to other baby stuff. Regardless of the moment, your baby enters this beautiful world that’s when to buy baby stuff such as:

What Do You Need For A Baby
* Diapers
* Wipes
* Changing sheets
* Nappies
* Rash cream
* Mild detergent
* Diaper genie
* Oil
* Baby bag
* Bottles 
* Bibs
* Pacifiers 
* Bottle warmer 
* Bottle washing
* Brushes
* Breast pump

Supporting Stuff While Feeding

And when baby crosses the age of 6 months and move on to edibles that are when to buy baby stuff such as:

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What Do You Need For A Baby
* Feeding spoon and bowl set
* Plastic bibs
* Sippy cups
* Floor spread plastic sheets (so the food doesn’t get everywhere on the floor)

Things That You Are Not Supposed To Get Your Hands-On

As time is evolving and we are learning new information about how to raise a child many things that we once believed to be good for an infant is now considered very harmful such as:-

Powder (as it may cause breathing problems if it enters the nose)Scented lotions (as it may cause a Rash to the baby’s sensitive skin) Putting on Diapers 24 hours a day ( the Diaper area should be left as it is so that it catches some of the fresh air)

Time to Dress up Your Little One

You don’t need to buy a lot of expensive or fancy clothes at the very beginning since the baby is most likely to be wrapped in a soft cotton sheet and will be sleeping most of the time.

Also, this is the stage where the growth rate of babies is very high. They outgrow every outfit so fast sometimes you don’t even get to repeat the outfit thrice and then it just feels like you could’ve spent that money on some other baby stuff.

But some of the basics are:


What Do You Need For A Baby
* 8-10 Onesies 
* 4-5 Night suits
* 6-7 Pairs of socks
* 6-7 Baby caps 
* 6-7 Wrapping sheets 

Time to Splish Splash in the Bathtub

Some doctors recommend bathing the newborn every day while some recommend 3-4 times a week depending on the babies health and the weather of the country the baby lives in. None the less the following products will be needed to bathe the infant properly.


What Do You Need For A Baby
* Sponge Towels
* Head to toe mild body wash
* Oil Lotion
* Bath set (tub, bucket, tumbler)

When the baby crosses the age of 12 months that’s when you need to start buying baby stuff like a bigger tub and a potty training seat although most of the time it comes with the Bath set mentioned above so you don’t need to buy separately.

Make sure to massage your baby with oil before you give him a bath. It makes the bones stronger and keeps the skin moisturized.

Stronger bones mean the baby will reach every milestone, like walking and crawling, at exactly the right time and moisturising your baby’s skin with Lotion is very crucial as well because the baby’s skin is so sensitive it is prone to developing a Rash much faster than a grown-up.

Let’s Go To The Spa

Grooming products for self-care of the baby is highly essential for the cleanliness of the infant and to make sure the baby is far away from any type of germs such as:


What Do You Need For A Baby
* Nail clippers
* Digital thermometer
* Medicine dropper
* Nasal or bulb aspirator
* Measuring spoon


Tip: Although some doctors don’t recommend using a nasal aspirator as it is a tricky tool to use for some parents, if you know how to use it properly then it can come in handy a lot.

Bedtime Angels

Now this part is a tricky one and probably the most expensive one but don’t you worry because you can only buy what your pocket allows.

The rest of you can purchase with time. And as recommended by most doctors if you’re comfortable making the baby sleep in the same bed as yourself for the first few months because let’s be honest what’s better than that.

Your mother’s arms around you!


What Do You Need For A Baby
* Crib
* Carry nest Rocker or bouncer
* Mattress, blanket and pillows for the crib

No-No list

Don’t include the following in list when you start buying for your baby such as:- Furry stuff toys, Fur blankets, High pillows, Small or hard toys, Sharp-edged crib or bedding.

A little shelf or cabinet can also be purchased if possible just to keep the little one’s things separate and organised apart from his/her closet. 

Ride Along

Travelling with an infant can be very difficult as you need to carry a lot of stuff that makes you wonder if you want to step outside the house or not.

But don’t worry if you’re comfortable holding the baby while you travel that’s fine too. But if your infant is fussy and tires you easily that is when to buy baby stuff such as:


What Do You Need For A Baby
* Stroller 
* Carrycot
* Car seat
* Car toys

Feeding and Sleeping

And if you’re baby is a destructive Derby and doesn’t like to play by the rules that is when to buy baby stuff such as:


What Do You Need For A Baby
* Feeding high chair (so he doesn’t run away and you have to chase him around everything you’re feeding him.

* Automatic or manual swing ( you don’t have to rock him constantly to make him sleep longer and you can have a long nap as well)

In Conclusion

Now to answer the questions of how and from where to start buying this endless of baby stuff? Well be at ease because thank god to today’s modern technology you can find everything online with just a click of a button, with a wide range of options that you can select from, and rest assured each and every product is of high quality and safe for you and your baby.

Considering Buying Online – Efficient and Thrifty?

Every product that you need is a click away because we understand your need to buy all these products, but more often than not you’re unable to due to the overwhelming schedule of doctor appointments, motion sickness, mood swings, pains, and the list goes on.

So take advantage of modern technology and keep up your laptop and start ticking off those things on your list because your time is valuable, spend it wisely it won’t come back don’t waste it!

Spend that quality time with your little one

Why waste time going to the store, finding items and then waiting hours in the line to the cash counter when you can literally be spending that quality time with your newborn.

Spending time in those early stages as much as you can is very important as it creates a special bond that would last forever.

It helps the baby with faster brain development and gives it a sense of security and love and we all know how loved we all need to feel. So say goodbye to all your worries and give the internet a chance.

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