What To Wear When Skateboarding In Summer

Photo by Pia Kamp on Unsplash

In this blog, I’ll guide you on what to wear when skateboarding in summer to help you feel comfortable and confident while you skate.

Skateboarding is a thrilling and adventurous activity, and dressing appropriately is crucial to ensure both comfort and safety.

Whether you’re an experienced skater or just starting, the right clothing and footwear can make a significant difference in your performance.

What to wear clothing for skateboarding in summer

When choosing clothes for skateboarding, it’s essential to prioritize comfort and flexibility. Many skaters prefer loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that allows for a full range of motion.

Shorts and pants are popular options for skateboarding.

But make sure to choose lightweight and breathable fabrics that keep you cool in hot weather. Athletic shorts or chinos are also great choices as they are comfortable and provide excellent movement.

Tank tops and short-sleeved shirts are perfect for summer skating, but a long sleeve shirt can come in handy when skating in the sun to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

For skateboarding, it’s best to avoid clothes that are too tight as they can restrict your movement and tear easily.

 Footwear wear when skateboarding

Skate shoes are designed to protect your feet and provide excellent grip on the skateboard. They are an essential item for any skater and should be a top priority when choosing your skateboarding attire.

 Sneakers are also a great choice for skating as they offer flexibility and comfort. Make sure to choose shoes that fit well and provide adequate support to prevent any injuries.

 Skateboarders Wear Baggy Clothes

Many skaters prefer to wear baggy clothes for their skater style. Baggy clothes provide comfort and flexibility. However, it’s important to note that skater outfits may vary depending on personal preference and style.

Skaters also wear shorts and pants, but it’s essential to choose clothing that allows for a full range of motion and coverage for your shins.

Cargo shorts are a popular choice for many skaters, and they provide excellent coverage while still being comfortable to wear. Skinny jeans are also a great option for those who like to wear tighter clothes.

 Skateboarding Requires Protective Gear

When it comes to skateboarding, wearing protective gear is crucial to prevent injuries. Always wear a helmet when skateboarding, as head injuries can be severe and life-threatening.

Some skaters also choose to wear shin guards to protect their legs from any impact.

Shin guards are a good choice for those who do more aggressive skating. They can help protect the skater’s legs and ankles from impacts with other skaters, obstacles, or the ground.

 Choose Clothes for the Weather Conditions

Skateboarding clothes should also be chosen according to the weather conditions. In hot weather, wearing shorts, a tank top, and skate shoes will keep you cool and comfortable.

In contrast, during the colder months, a long-sleeved shirt, a hoodie, and thicker materials like chinos will keep you warm and comfortable.

 Popular Brands for Skaters

Many skaters have their favorite brands when it comes to clothing and footwear.

Vans is a popular choice for many skaters, as their shoes are designed specifically for skateboarding and provide excellent grip and flexibility.

HUF is also a popular brand among skaters, offering a wide range of clothing and footwear specifically designed for skateboarding.

Photo by Pia Kamp on Unsplash

 Final Thoughts

Skateboarding is a fantastic sport that requires both skill and the right gear. Choosing the right clothes and footwear can make all the difference to your performance, comfort, and safety.

Whether you’re a skater girl or boy, always make sure to wear protective gear.

Choose comfortable and flexible clothing, and select shoes that provide excellent grip and support.

Whether you’re a pro or just start skating, dressing like a skater

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What kind of clothes do skateboarders wear?

Skateboarders typically wear comfortable and durable clothing, such as t-shirts, jeans or skate pants, skate shoes, and sometimes protective gear like helmets and knee pads.

Can you wear shorts while skateboarding?

Yes, you can wear shorts while skateboarding, but it’s recommended to wear knee pads or protective gear if you choose to do so to reduce the risk of injury to your legs.

Should I wear shorts or pants for skateboarding?

It’s a matter of personal preference, but many skateboarders prefer to wear pants for added protection and to reduce the risk of scrapes and bruises.

Is it OK to skate in jeans?

Yes, it’s okay to skate in jeans. Jeans are a common choice for skateboarding due to their durability and protection against scrapes and bruises.

Why do skaters like baggy clothes?

Skaters often prefer baggy clothes for the freedom of movement and comfort they provide while skateboarding.